ESC to close 3.98 (by 704 users)pongdangpongdang love 퐁당퐁당 LOVE
  • 2015
  • web
  • Korea

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romanized pongdangpongdang love
english Splash Splash LOVE


genres comedy, romance, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format web
network Naver


date 10 Dec, 2015 - 21 Dec, 2015
episodes 10
duration 16 minutes
air day Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
at 17:00 - 17:16
status released


avg. score 3.98 of 5 by 704 users
total users 976
rating 2802
favorites 16



Dan Bi is not the best student out there, especially when it comes to math. She can't help but think she would rather disappear than take the upcoming entrance exam. That wish comes true on the rainy day as she steps into a puddle that transports her to the Joseon dynasty. Her sudden appearance during a ceremony causes several misunderstandings. Because the country suffers from drought, king Lee Do decides to keep Dan Bi by his side to help him resolve the situation with her knowledge on arithmetics. Dan Bi, who for the first time in her life feels useful and Lee Do, who for the first time feels unrestrained by his position, gradually become close.

[Note: A 2 episodes version is also available]




Lee Do
Jang Dan Bi
Queen So Heon
Che A Jik
Eunuch Gong


director, screenwriter


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10 Mar, 2016
This story talks about the struggle of a student who wants to escape her life and goes to anywhere but to her test.

She splash into a swam and goes to Joseon period; little did she know that Math was an important subject that this time needs, to spare her life; she start teaching the king everything she knows... and they fall in love!

It's like a 2 hour movie.

I really enjoyed it.

It's so deep that it reminds you that everyone is stressed because of the things that they are asked to do and people expectations of them. And you shouldn't be afraid of tomorrow or your place in the future. You just have to try your best and have faith in yourself.

I really love (Kim Seul Gi) her acting is awesome. I admire her real character and how much fun she can bring to the screen!

I loved this short story and the directing was a piece of art; you could really enjoy every drop of rain in this series; it was really pretty.

This series was entertaining and gainful.
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29 Apr, 2016
The two are romantic comedies set during the Joseon dynasty. Both are lighthearted and have a modern feel to them; history being mostly just a background for a fictional story. In both dramas, the female lead pretends to be a man.

13 Mar, 2016
Both series take place during the Joseon period, featuring a lady who pretends to be a man and later falls in love with the king.


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eyeslikefirefly 03 Aug, 2017
I found the 2 episode version and I recommend it to others looking to watch this one (you don't have to watch the silly cliffhanger cuts and title screen over and over).

As for my review of the show: @catchxfireflies took the words right out of my mouth. XD It's just super silly and worth it to watch! (But I just see the guy from Let's Eat instead of a King lol)
veydara 31 Jul, 2017
не впечатлило.
aqu135 24 Mar, 2017
weak storyline, but the acting and directing saved it for me..and dujun is eye candy ;)
catchxfireflies 22 Sep, 2016
told a more satisfying story in 2 hours than a lot of dramas do in 20 lmao... short and sweet and it didn't waste my time with political intrigue
nomadicwriter 06 Aug, 2016
sillysym 04 Jul, 2016
Cute. I cried at the end, but it was good. Doojoon is hot in hanbok
ilate 01 Jun, 2016
It was AMAZING. Hilarious, sad, and simply beautiful! Great acting, great shots, and great plot. Certainly going to rewatch it few more times in the future :)
heimi 30 May, 2016
I mean why was she able to walk and run on the shore?

>> I think she must feel the want to go away for the magic to work; even if it is subconcious