ESC to close 2.77 (by 127 users)dongneui yeongung 동네의 영웅
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dongneui yeongung
english Local Hero
literal Neighborhood Hero
aka neighborhood's hero


genres action, crime, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 23 Jan, 2016 - 20 Mar, 2016
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 2.77 of 5 by 127 users
total users 402
rating 352
favorites 1



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Baek Si Yun
Im Tae Ho
Choe Chan Gyu
Bae Jeong Yeon
Yun Sang Min
Jeong Su Hyeok


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sweetsuga 27 Feb, 2017
Eu estava curiosa pra saber se esse drama era mesmo ~mais ou menos~ como comentaram abaixo. E é bem + ou - mesmo. Não considerei uma perda de tempo, claro (estou vendo os dramas da ocn). Ele não mostrou um grande potencial. Foi do mesmo jeito do início ao fim (aliás, até poderia considerá-lo um slice-life pelo ritmo da narrativa). A gente não se apega a nenhum personagem (exceto ao Choe Chan Gyu).

bluelily 05 Apr, 2016
I thought this drama would be a bit more gripping, but I'd realized that it was like chewing gum for me in many parts, slow and lengthy (and I don't like skip-watching), sad to say I was not quite infected with enthusiasm...
The last two episodes did slightly better, but didn't help to change my feeling that it's an average ok-drama basically...
magicalzelda 29 Mar, 2016
I finished it yesterday and I'm not really sure how to feel about this drama. I liked the characters and the overall concept was good too, I think it had potential, but I feel like the storyline was all over the place. They tried to show a lot of things and make a lot of things happen and introduce a lot of characters but somehow it was a bit chaotic and in the end I wasn't really sure what exactly was this drama about... Also, the love line between Baek Shi Yoon&Seo An was absolutely unnecessary, it was so cliché I felt like I was watching a really bad melodrama when their scenes were on, it was so cheesy and Choi Yoon So-s acting was really bad seriously. On the other hand, I'm really proud of Soohyuk, he was able to show a new side of him again, his acting was really, really nice. I never imagined I would see him play such a cute&innocent character but he pulled it off really well. I can't wait for his nex work! I gave it 2 stars, but wouldn't really recommend it...
reginaphalange 21 Mar, 2016
i admit, i find this drama weird for ocn.. the acting is a bit too much and i don't feel like it's well written. it has some amusing parts and i like dumbish lee su hyeok and i was looking forward to park si hu's comeback but i don't really like the development of his character that much, i don't find him enough interesting to be the main lead and what really annoys me is the cliche about his ex.. tbh i don't really like the may be because of her role tho, i only seen her before in twenty again and i didn't like her there too, maybe it's because of her acting.. idk
ralphina 08 Mar, 2016
It's totally not what I was hoping for. I was hoping for some chillaxed even paced series with progress around and for the neighbourhood. I would even be happy with action thrill filled version. However, this is anything worth mentioning and due not watching anything else I'll try to finish it... But if you haven't started - don't. It's not worth the time nor energy.
ilate 01 Mar, 2016
Decided to drop it, not because it's bad, just because it's not my type of drama. And even though I was anticipating Si Hoo's comeback, I'm disappointed with his acting in this drama. Soo Hyeok is doing a great job though!
tenshitoakuma 23 Feb, 2016
Watched 3 eps so far and even though I am a hardcore fan of OCN series this one is not what I was kind of expecting so far. Hopefully it will get better. But it's definitely not an action/crime/suspense drama so far. More like some sort of comedy? Don't even know how to describe it. ㅋㅋ
magicalzelda 21 Feb, 2016
I mainly like it because of Soohyuk. His acting improved so much and I'm happy to see him in more&more lead roles. His character is such a cutie ♥ The story itself is not really exciting to me and it's a bit slow, but I like the characters so it's still nice to watch~ I'm expecting more action&turn of events~~