ESC to close 3.24 (by 76 users)transit girls
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized transit girls
aka toranjitto gaaruzu


genres drama, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 07 Nov, 2015 - 26 Dec, 2015
episodes 8
duration 25 minutes
air day Saturday
at 23:40 - 00:05
status released


avg. score 3.24 of 5 by 76 users
total users 140
rating 246
favorites 1



A love story between two girls who become stepsisters when their parents remarry.


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Hayama Sayuri
Shida Yui
Fukasawa Nao
Kadowaki Mirai
Kurata Aoi
Shida Madoka




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29 Mar, 2016
In both dramas, the main characters become step siblings after their parents decide to remarry.


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dramaaddict 10 Jan, 2018
Cute drama overall. It moved on a bit too quickly for my taste though, there was no build-up or development for their love story. It was like they just met and the next moment they started kissing each other.
kirtil 12 May, 2017
@sukimatsuura there is this LGBT titles list you can check out.

Last update was back in 2014 tho, so no recent titles.
sukimatsuura 12 May, 2017
Is there any drama similar to this one, either GL or BL?
sukimatsuura 12 May, 2017
What a sweet drama~ ^.^
pyapi 18 Mar, 2016
This was sweet. I've heard this is Japan's first drama to center around a romance between two girls and I'd say this is a pretty decent start. The acting's a bit rough and I would have enjoyed a bit more development between Sayuri and Yui to see how they fell in love, but nonetheless they were both really cute. Once they got together, they were really, really cute and like one of the comments mentioned before, it was rather nice to see conflict get solved in a less over-dramatic manner.

There were honestly some things that I really, really loved. For one - happy ending! Too often these types of romances get sad endings and I'm glad this wasn't the case here, even the parents choose to support their daughters in the end, putting their happiness above all, and that was really nice to see. Another thing I absolutely loved was Sayuri's and Nao's friendship and I appreciate the take the drama took on that a whole lot.
Random chan 14 Mar, 2016
@archiejowist oh, sounds super interesting, I might watch it too :o. It sounds like something that I would enjoy since you mentioned it's light and Added the screenwriter and will add the director later today. It might be the first drama that fully focuses on this theme (but there are others that have it as a partial theme and a tone of films), I'm not personally aware of any other :o.
archiejowist 14 Mar, 2016
Is this really Japanese first lesbian drama? I've watched a few movies from Japan about girls's love and it's nice to finally watch a drama. I wish there was more - camera work was gorgeous, it was totally calming and aesthetically pleasing~ the story itself contained a theme that would be pretty heavy, but I love how they make it seem simple and light (I'm talking about the "step-sisters" thing). Acting was really good, it wasn't exaggerated so I could get into the story without cringing and annoyance (like the acting in most of boys' love dramas and movies). I like the way they solved their problems, that it was without drama and all that.
For me, honestly, it's 5/5. Wish I knew the director and screenwriter's names because I want to see more from them.
Itou Sairi is so petite, she was so cute and sweet next to Sakuma Yui ㅠㅠ And it was so adorable that even though Sairi is a year older, her character was three years younger than Yui's, haha, I was thinking about it in their scenes and just ㅠㅠ ♡
Yoshida Riko's character, Mirai, had some annoying lines, but after all I liked her.
Nao, though, sweet Nao was just ㅠㅠ I loved the friendship between him and Sayuri, so lovely ♡