ESC to close 3.56 (by 410 users)hanbeon deo happy ending 한번 더 해피엔딩
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized hanbeon deo happy ending
english Happy Once Again
literal One More Happy Ending
aka happy ending once again


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 20 Jan, 2016 - 10 Mar, 2016
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.56 of 5 by 410 users
total users 758
rating 1460
favorites 3



Han Mi Mo, a former kpop idol, starts up a dating agency for divorcees after her own divorce. After failing at love once, she is finally ready to be happy again with her new boyfriend, only to find out he's been cheating on her with her former group mate and archenemy. Can Mi Mo and her other now thirty year old female friends find love again?




Song Su Hyeok
Han Mi Mo
Go Dong Mi
Hong Ae Ran
Gu Hae Jun
Baek Da Jeong




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15 Mar, 2016
One More Happy Ending is, in many ways, your typical romantic comedy. There are hilarious hi-jinks, misunderstandings and romance a plenty. But the show manages to set itself apart with the characters who are refreshing in many ways.

The plot isn't anything amazing. You've got grudges, girl meets guy and misunderstandings ensue, wrenches thrown into relationships and there's a happily ever after. And while the plot does veer a little into sadness during the middle, thanks to the great characters, it manages to stay entertaining.

The highlight is the friendship between the four ex-idols. In an industry filled with broken female friendships, it's refreshing to see a show that has girlfriends having each other's backs; whether it's giving a cold reality check, friendly advice or simply helping get through tough times. Each has their own romantic storyline that's developed as well as the main. And the male side isn't lacking either, filled with great, hilarious bromance.

Start for the romantic hijinks, stay for the great relationships and characters.
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Both of them are about older women's everyday lives.


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poice ~ 3 days
Loved this drama! It was easy to watch with predictable plot but also had this warm, fluffy feeling to it. I really enjoyed this one. I loved all couples but I think the most interesting and engaging was Da Jeong & Geon Hak.
zaharisa 19 May, 2016
Mi Mo is so overly pinkish and Dong Mi is such a mess in the haircut.. :P OMG.
kirtil 13 May, 2016
it more or less follows a standard romantic comedy formula.
The thing that set this apart for me was the 4 women and their womance and the semi frequent homage/satire scenes that pop up.
Rest of the cast was good too.

It had a more mature point of view and some may find it boring as it does not have a cliche villain.

It was my first time seeing Kim Dan Yul and I was pleasantly surprised.

Only thing I couldn't perceive was how they (herself included) insisted Go Dong Mi was uglier than the rest of the cast. It was funny for a while but I kept waiting for a makeover (would have been removing the makeup in her case) scene for a complete reversal.

3 stars objectively but decided on 4 stars just for the friendship of the 4 women and the awesome scenes.
jihye 02 Apr, 2016
Dois primeiros episódios foram maravilhosos, depois ficou cansativo e dramático demais com o casal principal, o que absolutamente salvou foram os casais secundários. Principalmente Kim Geon Hak e Baek Da Jong que foram muito fofos juntos <3, mas eu acho que do 11 para frente valeu a pena e o resultado geral foi muito bom.
ilate 24 Mar, 2016
It started well, was very enjoyable, funny and fresh. But it got really bad and boring in the middle. The only thing that made me finish it was the Baek Da Jong - Kim Geon Hak love story. It was definitely the best part of the drama.
carroline 19 Mar, 2016
It was nice in the beginning, characters were deep and well written and all their stories were interesting. Then male lead goes to America and when come back he isn't interesting anymore. From that point on the main love story is just stupid and weak, no romantic scenes, no brilliant dialogs... nothing actually really happens, to the point that second lead's love stories became far more interesting. Random stuff start to happens, grown people act like teenagers, a lot of characters just disappear. What a pity. It's **1/2 for me: i've seen worse, but i hate when at the end of a drama i feel disappointed.
mad4u 14 Mar, 2016
Lovely drama, good character development and four adorable female friends who I wish I could see even more of! Great chemistry with the main couple, even though it did drag a little bit in the middle, I was personally never bored. The story had a more mature outlook on love and I kind of wish they had made it even more "real and dirty". It was funny but it had potential to be even funnier which I regret a little bit. I enjoyed this drama very much nonetheless!
reginaphalange 11 Mar, 2016
in the beginning was fun to watch but after that for me this drama became boring.
Su Hyeok was... to perfect..? and Mi MO..i like a lot Jang Na Ra but i didn't like her character too much, i found her a bit annoying here. I think Dong Mi was the best, In Na was a cutie in this one.
oh and the newbie Hyo Seop is very handsome