ESC to close 3.45 (by 424 users)dorawayo ajeossi 돌아와요 아저씨
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dorawayo ajeossi
english Please Come Back, Mister
literal Come Back Mister
aka come back ahjussi, hello, my precious one, hello, my precious person, goodbye my beloved, 안녕 내 소중한 사람

Based On

based on book
title tsubakiyama kachou no nanokakan (椿山課長の七日間)
author Asada Jirou (浅田次郎)


genres comedy, drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 24 Feb, 2016 - 14 Apr, 2016
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.45 of 5 by 424 users
total users 807
rating 1462
favorites 7


tsubakiyama kachou no nanokakan
2006 film jp
same setting
tsubakiyama kachou no nanokakan
2009 TV jp
same setting


Kim Yeong Su and Han Gi Tak are two middle aged men, who meet under astonishing circumstances. Apparently, they are both already dead and about to head on their last journey in the afterlife. Unable to accept the abrupt end, Yeong Su and Gi Tak create a commotion, after which they are given a chance to return to life for about two months. But there is a catch: nobody may know who they really are. For that, they have to use new bodies, which are nothing like their past selves.




Lee Hae Jun
Han Hong Nan
Han Gi Tak
Jeong Ji Hun
Sin Da Hye
Cha Jae Guk


original creator


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18 Jun, 2016
An entertaining supernatural comedy, Come Back Ajeossi shows how a great cast whose willing to embrace their characters can make a show superb.

The premise is fairly straightforward - 2 dead men are given the chance to return to the world of the living and fix their regrets, but with one caveat: they return in different bodies. The resulting hijinks are hilarious as we watch them navigate a world that's familiar and different due to new perspectives. And as secrets are unfolded the story manages to stay relatively fresh.

The acting is amazing, with four main cast members completely taking on their roles. Rain and O Yeon Seo embrace their ajeossi characters and deliver heartwarming performances. The surrounding cast members are also memorable and frankly are what make up the best part of the show.

Unfortunately the weakest part of the show is the writing, which often gets bogged down with routine chaebol takeover conflicts and romantic misunderstandings. But because the characters are so great you keep watching because these are happening to the people you care about.

A fun watch and a recommend for any romantic comedy fan.
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07 Jun, 2016
Both are Korean comedy dramas in which the main characters experience living in a different body, including gender switch.

29 Apr, 2016
In both, someone who has died is allowed to return to life for a limited amount of time, however, not in their own body. Thus they can learn more about their death and people around them from new perspective. The main difference between the two is that 'dorawayo ajeossi' is much more comedy oriented than '49 il'.


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limenora 03 Dec, 2016
I had to drop it. So soooo boring.
michikohime 17 Sep, 2016
I'm done and still very pissed. They didn't fix it. Bleh, what the hell
michikohime 17 Sep, 2016
I'm watching the last episode right now (didn't finish yet but almost) and I'm soooooooooo pissed
Why did they erase Han Gi Tak from everyone's memory? WHY? That is so dumb and even more sad then him dying in the first place tbh, WTF!

Except from this, really liked it. But still, uuuuugggghhhh.
sugeee 16 Sep, 2016
It was good ending but I think that some characters and realations between them could be deeper developed.
laydii 29 Jul, 2016
I'm scared to finish this drama ...
jihye 24 Jun, 2016
Eu achei que eu iria droppar esse drama pq eu realmente me arrastei nos 7 primeiros ep mas depois foi só amor, adorei e me emocionei muito. Foi uma ótima mensagem msm ela sendo triste <3
Hong Nan/Han Gi Tak e Choe Seung Jae foram os melhores personagens.
nimwoo 10 Jun, 2016
I enjoyed the drama a lot in the first 4~8 episodes. After that, not so much. Not that the drama is bad. It's just that sometimes the cast is too awkward and like others have said, there's nothing much that happens in the drama. I repeat, it's not like it's tragic and you can't watch it. It's okay, I think.

I gave it 3 stars at first, hoping to give it more eventually but it didn't happen. The ending wasn't that impactful either or anything that teaches you something, but it's decent I think.

I'm just still wondering why did they have to erase Han Gi Tak from everyone's memories. I get his existence was a bit too troublesome and it left scars in everyone around him but it was like his whole existence just disappeared completely. I don't know, I didn't like this part.
ryofanka 18 May, 2016
I am so disappointed with this drama, I was so looking forward to finally watch Rain in rom-com but OMG I strangled big time to finish this drama.
Everything was over acted or over played in this drama. The funny scene where awkward and and not funny at all. The drama scene where to dramatic and the ending was just bleh.
So over all it was an average drama.