ESC to close 3.47 (by 245 users)gopumgyeok jjaksarang 고품격 짝사랑
  • 2015
  • web
  • Korea

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romanized gopumgyeok jjaksarang
english High End Crush
aka high-end crush, clueless high class unrequited love, the greatest one-sided love no one has ever seen before, 아무도 본 적 없는 고품격 짝사랑


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format web
network Sohu


date 14 Nov, 2015 - 17 Jan, 2016
episodes 20
duration 15 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
status released


avg. score 3.47 of 5 by 245 users
total users 472
rating 849
favorites 2



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Choe Se Hun
Yu I Ryeong
Gang Min Ju
Heo Bin
Jong Hyeon
Representative Jang




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02 Feb, 2016
While the plot is a recycled version of a rich city boy unexpectingly falling in love with a poor country girl, the show excels at the use of humor throughout and showcases the 4 Fs: funny, physical, fluffy, and flirty.

This is above all a comedy, and Lee Si Eon shines as a hilariously-written supporting character who has a love-hate relationship with his boss, Choe Se Hun. Lee Si Eon's banter and physical humor had me in stitches, wanting to find every show he's in to marathon them. He was truly a stand-out among the cast, often with much better lines than the male lead.

Choe Se Hun, in turn, is as egocentric as they come. He can't comprehend why anyone, much less a country bumpkin, would spurn his offer of turning her into a celebrity. Thus begins his pursuit of her and their resulting tug of war over her career and their relationship. I do like that the female lead puts her foot down, not bending to his whims. Of course, for Kpop fans, there's the bonus of repeat appearances by Bora and Monsta X rounding out the cast list.

As for technical aspects, I have little to criticize. Sets were either actual locations or very well-made as to appear so. Lighting was spot-on, never over or underwelming. Music and sound effects added to the show's lightheartedness. Additionally, language learners will also enjoy the 4-character idioms peppered throughout the show by the female lead and, surprisingly, Monsta X.

Although there were a few instances of disjointed narrative that, while their purpose was clearly to help the audience empathize with Choe Se Hun, made the drama a little hard to follow until the timeline was cleared up in later scenes, I enjoyed this bite-sized drama so much that I almost didn't mind spending nearly half of at least two 15-minute episodes wondering how in the heck CEO Jang got involved again.

If you're looking for your funny bone or a time-killing rom com, you won't go wrong by putting this on your to-watch list!
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13 Mar, 2016
Both are short web dramas featuring a dominating CEO who falls for a lower class girl.


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poice 07 Feb, 2019
So cute and cheesy! I really enjoyed this one :)
ryofanka 04 Dec, 2016
Cute and short ;) but Nobel, my love is still my favourite web drama :)
cleciane 27 Aug, 2016
Simplesmente apaixonada!!!!!
lovelyashley 22 Aug, 2016
cute and funny ^_^
danisensei 23 Jun, 2016
So lovely and funny! I loved it! ^^
danicrs1 03 Mar, 2016
I loved this mini drama! Super nice!
naath 21 Feb, 2016