ESC to close 4.37 (by 430 users)kimi no na wa.
  • 2016
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized kimi no na wa.
english Your Name. (literal)


genres life, romance, youth, time travel


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format film
by Comix Wave Films (コミックス・ウェーブ・フィルム)


date 26 Aug, 2016
duration 106 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.37 of 5 by 430 users
total users 604
rating 1879
favorites 37



One day when, Tachibana Taki wakes up, he finds himself in a girl's body in a far away city. At the same time, Miyamizu Mitsuha wakes up in Taki's body in Tokyo. Both believe they are just having a really strange dream so they just spend the day in each other's body. However, once they wake up, they have no memory of the day spent in the other's body but after hearing about how strange they acted the day before from their friends, they start to grasp the fact that they are actually switching bodies with someone.

As they become more aware of the fact, they set up rules for the other and write down a list of things they do during the day so the other are aware of what they did. However, suddenly the body switching stops. Trying to find out what happened to Mitsuha, Taki sets out to find her hometown with only some drawings he made of the scenes he saw in Mitsuha's body.






director, screenwriter, original creator, cinematographer, editor, storyboard creator
character designer
animation director
producer, planner
singer, composer
key animator


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sillysym 28 Feb, 2018
I think it deserved more episodes. Like an anime. Just a few to show how they fell in love and how much they searched each other. It would have been a masterpiece. Indeed the movie is really beautiful. But i wanted a bit more.
sam94 26 Sep, 2017
I dont likee itt !!!
this was a waste of my time.
kiyoshi 15 Aug, 2017
tamayatz 29 Apr, 2017
This was not as good as the critics said but still very enjoyable and lovely time travel/love/fantasy story with loads of comedy, stunning animation and beautiful images not to mention a heart warming story, remember to bring your tissues!
sarangimnida 13 Feb, 2017
A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Shinkai Makoto during a screening of Children Who Chase Stars. Honestly, I hadn't heard of his work and was only going based on the gushing praise of @noodlemouth. Afterwards it was clear to me that he was both very talented and also very modest. The short shown at the start of the movie already had me thinking, "Wow. He's going to bring out something on Ghibli levels soon. And I'm here in the same room as him."

And he has. Now I know why it's the biggest Japanese movie of all time in China and all of my friends are posting about it online. It had me tearing up and holding the hand of my fiancé just a little tighter, with a newfound appreciation of the strings that tie each of us in this world together. A heart-warming tale of youth, family, tradition and love. Stunning animation that took me back to the streets of Tokyo. Incredible and highly recommended.
solina 08 Feb, 2017
@yumichan86 this one
carroline 26 Jan, 2017
At the beginning of the projection at the cinema, there was a clip from director Shinkai. He said something like how the story was about two people who still have to meet each other and how he thinks that somewhere in the world everyone of us still have someone important to meet. He also whished that the movie would bring some happiness to people.
Well, at the end of the movie everyone around me in the cinema was looking lighter and happier :D
I really loved it <3
stehcamine 23 Jan, 2017
Que filme mais lindinho!! Amei <3