ESC to close 3.47 (by 77 users)ajin
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized ajin
english Ajin: Demi-Human

Based On

based on manga
title ajin
author Sakurai Gamon (桜井画門)


genres mystery, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System, MBS毎日放送)
by Polygon Pictures (ポリゴン・ピクチュアズ)


date 16 Jan, 2016 - 09 Apr, 2016
episodes 13
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 01:55 - 02:25
status released


avg. score 3.47 of 5 by 77 users
total users 150
rating 267
favorites 1


2017 film jp
same setting
ajin 2
2016 TV jp


Ajin, discovered in Africa years ago, are believed to be immortal beings. They look just like humans, but they can regenerate and possess other types of powers. As such, they're hunted by humans so they can experiment on them. Kei, a fairly normal highschool boy, discovers that he too is an Ajin, after he is hit by a car in front of his school comrades, ending up unharmed.








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tamayatz 30 Apr, 2017
I think this was good since the animation style is different. It brings a certain feel to it and it suits the story of Ajin. However, I think the manga is better although it's still unfinished.
majorzero 19 Apr, 2016
@Random chan Well, I guess they're trying to imitate hand-drawn animation, at least this is what people behind Knights of Sidonia did. The problem is, you really need a lot of budget and time to make it good, those Naruto games probably the best examples of how it's done right.
Random chan 19 Apr, 2016
@majorzero Yeah, that's totally true. Lol, they do a lot of cutting corners unrelated to 3D as well :P. But I feel like 3D is a whole new world of cutting corners opportunities.

The argument you brought with skeletal animation is what makes western 3D looks very good VS 3D animation in Japan. If they actually did it that way (aka: animated it with super detailed movement), I think it would look a lot better. I tried to compare the artstyle also while trying to come up with an argument beside "I don't really like it" previously and I've noticed that they're kind of... taking the same 2D art and making it into 3D?... now it looks super weird in 3D but somehow it does look ok in 2D. I'm referring to the texture that is very poor and everything looks very 'even'. I think that's what makes it look odd for me. And the fact that the movement is not very natural, as I mentioned before.

And omg so true XD. I hate those mixes too! It almost always looks strange. I loved the analogy lolol.
majorzero 19 Apr, 2016
@Random chan I'm not sure 3D is easier to draw than cel, more like Japanese animators do half-ass job due to time/budget reasons. The only benefit of 3D I can think of is the fact that animators don't have to draw tweens, but again, they have to do a lot of work which simply doesn't exist in traditional animation, including things like skeletal animation, it's kind of insane how they animate every bone in model's body.

As for Japanese CG, aside from SE people don't really have a budget to create something that stands out (though, Harlock movie looked fine IMO), especially not for TV. I have more problem with 2D/3D blends where different parts clearly animated with different FPS and it looks like online translation in place with very slow internet.
Random chan 18 Apr, 2016
@majorzero I was mostly talking about the issue you speak of but backwards. It's a super huge amount of work, but so is 2D animation. And the fact that it's harder for people to animate movement in 2D to look good only shows that it's slightly easier to do in 3D ;). I mentioned Disney as an example in my last message because I'm fully aware of the fact that 3D isn't "omg the computer magically creates stuff for me" kind of thing but it does help with many things that animators struggle with doing.

I'm not against 3D completely. If it's done well, it would look watchable at the very least. But when observing the art here (and the movement too, tbh), it's very unnatural. I have to admit that I'm not very good at explaining why exactly I don't like the 3D that is used in Japanese animations. I don't know why exactly but it just doesn't do it for me. I wish I was a smarter person and I could describe what's exactly so ugly and unnatural, but I much prefer 2D ugly and badly done movement (or eyes in different sizes, lol) than this.

Everything in the background feels like blocks that were thrown together and the facial expressions of the characters are blank and unrelateable. The character design in every work I've seen so far looks pretty uniform. If I haven't watched something long enough, I would not be able to say "oh, this is the character X from Y" after a couple of months/years. It all just looks super plain, but it doesn't bother me at all in 2D animation.

I really can't ignore the fact that the art in the manga looks way better than this animated work. It goes far beyond the level of "omg you should read the manga because the story there is done so much better"... it's more like: "omg, you should read the manga because there is nothing likeable about the animated version of ajin".

I guess it boils down to personal taste and there would be people who will not agree with me.
majorzero 18 Apr, 2016
@Random chan "And 3D modelling is something that is much easier to do than drawing by hand"

Not so sure it's true. Rigging, texturing, rendering, keyframing, it's a titanic amount of work, especially compared to modern Japanese 2D animation where a lot of animators can't draw proper movement to save their lives.
Random chan 17 Jan, 2016
This is lazy animation. There are no real textures to anything, everything looks like blocks... this is literally kind of insulting compared to what the manga looks like. The story is of course interesting. The lighting is great, but you don't need 3D animation to do that. This tendency to use more and more 3D animation turns things to look very ugly. I can understand it costs much less time and possibly creates more flowy frames compared to handdrawn ones, but for me, animation is art. And 3D modelling is something that is much easier to do than drawing by hand (especially if you basically just colour your models without creating any textures and leave everything completely flat).

I might stop watching anime if this ugly trend of animation sticks to other random shows x_x, really. Currently it's not much, but I can see it becoming a thing. I mean, look at the States -- at Disney, for example. The animation there is much better in terms of texture, of course, not going to lie. But it's just plain ugly compared to older films. And here you could speak of preference of course, because Disney actually put a lot of work into this 3D art (doesn't make me dislike it less, though :x).

But I guess people try to find easy ways to finish hard jobs regardless of what it makes it. I'm not against using 3D as a tool for certain things... but idk. At the end it comes down to me thinking it's super ugly. I guess some people like it... but I see it as more of a means to an end rather than an actual work of art and it irks me so much to watch it.

No, it's not a good job done. I know many people say "this is better than the rest of the 3D stuff that were made up to this point". It might be in terms of quality, yes, but it is still bad. And "getting used to it" has nothing to do with anything. Yes, I can get used to terrible animation to enjoy the story. But why should I if the manga is good. I can just skip watching it.

I wish I weren't a fan of the manga... otherwise I would have dropped it =\.