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  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized page turner
aka 페이지터너


genres drama, friendship, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 26 Mar, 2016 - 09 Apr, 2016
episodes 3
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday
at 22:35 - 23:45
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 388 users
total users 665
rating 1490
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Yun Yu Seul is a haughty piano prodigy who constantly gets first in every competition, while Seo Jin Mok, her bitter rival whose playing is technically brilliant but lacks passion, always comes in second to her. Meanwhile, Jeong Cha Sik is a talented pole vaulter who zealously gives his all in everything he attempts.

When unrelated accidents send Yu Seul and Cha Sik to the same hospital, they both receive a diagnosis that they may never be able to continue in their respective fields. Struggling to adapt to the sudden changes thrown at them, the two meet by chance and unintentionally help drive each other forward. Along the way, all three teens are forced to reexamine what they want from their lives and consider what they're truly passionate about.


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Yun Yu Seul
Seo Jin Mok
Jeong Cha Sik
Yu Seul's Mother
Jeong Mi Su
Choe Sang Pil




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20 Jan, 2017
This short and sweet drama shows students in despair, failing under the pressure from their parents and the tragedies that occur to them. Watching the leads step by step overcome their difficulties can give hope to all the (young) people that relate to this feeling of 'not quite making it'.

"Having an injury, not being able to do what you had worked hard for until today is not the end of the world. If you find a new dream to run towards, just try hard and gradually you will make it."

That's the kind of message I was expecting from this drama. However, I didn't quite get it at the end of the last episode.

I didn't like that we didn't get to see Cha Sik succeed at the end. Yes, he ends up playing the song correctly and gets applauded by the crowd at the tunnel. But he put so much work and they should have shown him getting recognition by professionals as someone with no background or previous knowledge of music that worked hard and accomplished things however "small" they were.

He didn't need to become a world famous pianist afterwards but honestly him deciding to not compete at all felt like running away.

I understand that he made Jin Mok to play instead so that they would secure their win and Yu Seul would not give up playing the piano. But the thing is that, even if they hadn't win the trophy, Yu Seul should have decided to continue playing anyway because [i]that's what makes her happy[/i].

Having Cha Sik compete and come second place -or even last, it doesn't really matter- but then have the supposed father and famous pianist tell him he is in no position to win but he is good and passionate and he should never give up, would be a more fitting ending.

And all that could happen with the help of Jin Mok who gets recognised by his 'enemy' Yu Seul as a talented pianist and decides to help Cha Sik improve and later cheers for him and Yu Seul, even if they don't win.

There's this saying: what's important is not your destination but the journey there. "We were together, we worked together, we had fun together, we got where we got together -even if that's not first place"; [i]that[/i] should have been the feeling of the ending.

I'm a bit disappointed, but don't get me wrong, this is still a really good drama and I certainly recommend it. I just felt that the ending fell short to the overall meaning the drama had; 'have hope, keep going and everything will fall into place'.

PS: The fact that Yu Seul didn't know she wasn't playing the duet with Jin Mok in the stead of Cha Sik bothers me a little. :/

PS2: I kept wishing until the end that the homeless ajeossi was a piano instructor under disguise that sought new talents and that he would help Cha Sik and maybe train him and make him big, but nothing like that happened. (He was always sitting next to a seemingly ownerless piano, it was a possibility. ;) )

I also wished Yu Seul's mother would offer Cha Sik piano lessons or at least help, but that didn't happen either.
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18 Apr, 2016
This was a short and sweet drama. With only 3 episodes, we really got to see the each of the main characters grow in their own way, and overcoming the struggles that they had faced. I loved seeing the relationships between each character and how much they have changed within the span of 3 episodes.

I love how simple this drama was, with a basic storyline of high schoolers trying to please what their parents want of them, yet was packed with just enough in each episode for the viewers to feel the same emotions as the characters. I do somehow wish there was more to the ending, although I definitely did find the ending so beautiful. Seeing two people who once saw each other as enemies play a duet together, and realizing what they loved. Beautiful and simple drama, i love it and recommend it!
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kirtil 29 Apr, 2016
This was a cute little drama. 3 episode duration makes this feel like a slice of life.

The plot points were pretty standard when you think about high school dramas. You have overbearing parents, struggling teenagers, peer pressure, communication/self-expressing problems and lies.

The high point here is that this drama is that every point was well done seemed to click. Even more incredible is that they did this in just 3 episodes.

My only problem is that the open ended finale left
Cha Sik too far from the other two. They ended the drama after the competition and we see Yu Seul finally smiling, and probably continuing to play since she won. She previously said to Jin Mok she will change her stance regarding him if she was ever first again, so it is not a stretch to think that their relationship would be better. Jin Mok's future intentions were also revealed to us.

But we left Cha Sik in the underpass in front of the piano. His open ending just shows a piano that is probably still used, but nothing else. He lied to Yu Seul and gave his spot to Jin and no future glimpses of him in either of their futures so we are left without a clue if they talked again, if all is good, or if she is still mad at him.

I wished they at least added a still of 3 of them together so I could feel good about it also.
berrytm 20 Apr, 2016
Omgg I want more ;u;
Short but great :D
more romance ;) ;) and I wonder if she ever finds out about jin mok xD and does she end up with cha sik?? ;A;
danisensei 17 Apr, 2016
I wondered whether to watch it or not, since I've grown tired of the high school concept and all that teens silliness, but I really loved it! It was light, beautiful, sweet, cute. The characters being teens was just right for such plot, since they're in that stage where they want to know what exactly they want to do and to start taking their own decisions. I loved how it developed and ended! :)

Oh, yeah, I wonder:
why in high school plots the second lead must always have a 'silly' personality? -.-'
stellybish 16 Apr, 2016
I loved Ji Soo and Soo Hyun <3 They were cute together.
But I'm tired of the same old school concept...
Forcing children to do want their parents want, not care about them but about their future carrier more.
Then when there's nothing left to do... we go to the rooftop!
This gets me angry every time and they show it again and again! So frustrating!
Aside from that, I liked the ending. That's mostly how all music realted dramas/films end.
The fact that Jin Mok and Cha Shik changed places in the end pleased me as well.

Dream and hope! Fight for what YOU want!
That's the least you can do, while you're young!

It was nice and it had some funny moments, but nothing special.
p.s. the homeless ahjussi <3 hehe
mad4u 15 Apr, 2016
Short and sweet, left me wanting for more!
missiealice 14 Apr, 2016
Lindo esse mini drama!! Mensagens super especiais sobre a vida, o amor, os sonhos, amizade... Achei fantástico. E a peça final foi mágica! Já era de se esperar um "final sem cara de final", mas acho que foi válido sim. Adorei e recomendo!
lovelyashley 13 Apr, 2016
nice short drama :) a bit not satisfied with the ending - they could show more :P
eunhye 12 Apr, 2016
Gosh, Ji Su-ya, wae so perfect?
I wanna watch this drama more and more, why just 3 eps? aaah... Brilliant