ESC to close 3.13 (by 708 users)nihonjin no shiranai nihongo
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized nihonjin no shiranai nihongo
english The Japanese That Japanese People Do Not Know (literal)

Based On

based on manga


genres comedy, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 15 Jul, 2010 - 30 Sep, 2010
episodes 12
duration 40 minutes
air day Thursday
at 23:58 - 00:38
status released


avg. score 3.13 of 5 by 708 users
total users 1440
rating 2217
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Haruko lands a job in a local tutoring establishment and upon showing up for work on the first day, she discovers that she will not be teaching Japanese people, but teaching people Japanese. Her students are all foreigners who live in Japan for several reasons, and she is faced with their many questions on the Japanese Language that she'd never really thought of before.


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Kanou Haruko
Katori Miyuki
Akimoto Kuniko
Takasu Kazuki
Shibuya Taiyou




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25 Dec, 2010
As a japanese language student I was pretty interested in this drama. Especially after even my sensei at university talked about the manga version of this drama. The first episode was pretty funny and I enjoyed learning more about japanese at the beginning of every single episode. I also liked Risa-san, since I already got used to her face in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. But she is pretty much the best actress in this drama. The other japanese teachers are also good actors, but where did they pick up that foreigners? Did the producers just go to the airport and hold up a sign saying "We need foreign actors"? It was really bad acting - and that made me like it actually more. They didn't use people that are perfect with japanese. Sometimes the sentences sound so fake that I'm sure that the people don't even know what they are saying. And that wsa so real, that I started to enjoy this drama even more.

This show also has the normal "japanese-style-sickness". Every episode is about one student of the class and how the sensei manages to get closer, make them "one" and achieve her dream. Sometimes it reminded me even of a parody of Gokusen. (Let's graduate together!!!!!!! <.<)

So this unoriginal structure made it a little bit boring at times, which is the reason for only 3 stars. I just couldn't bring myself to watch more episodes at once, even though the episodes are very short. But if you want to know more about japanese language, you might enjoy this drama. There are many funny parts and it's good if you want something to relax. It's also ideal as a "break drama". There is no heavy storyline or difficult dialogues. It's light and easy while having a good message.
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07 Nov, 2010
Never has a series made me laugh and learn so much at the same time. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

The acting is not phenomenal but, for anyone who is learning Japanese, you can feel like this is you. It is certainly a drama where I've seen the most foreigners in it at once. Also, all those things like counters you're learning. It explains those.

Next, the story isn't mind-blowing with a cliffhanger at the end of every episode but its so funny you'll laugh at least once in an ep.

All in all, I think it's a good series and worthy of a shot.

I'd like to read the manga of this one day.
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afterwork 26 Mar, 2018
A very informative show that had entertainment potential but mostly provides bad acting. I will just hang in there and try to finish it.
dramaaddict 09 Nov, 2014
I started this drama because I thought I could learn some more Japanese. But I dropped this drama after the second episode... wasn't able to bear the second-hand embarrassment. Especially the foreigner cast who seemed like recruited right from the street was the worst I have seen in a while, they talked like robots... Not worth your time.
sasajun 11 Oct, 2013
I found this pretty funny. I saw this in school first, cause we were talking about how things sound different in other language. It was really funny. I am surprised it upsets a lot of English Speakers though. I guess maybe its offensive for people? (But a lot of American shows i have seen so far do that as well?) I found it quite funny!
neoluchs 07 Jun, 2013
It's been a while but all I remember was this drama is soooo offensive to anybody who's not Japanese. I really, really wanted to like this drama because Naka Riisa is my queen, but the sheer stupidity and unrealistic portrayals of her students was such a major turn off.

The two good things about this drama:
- Naka Riisa
- you get to learn about Japanese language/culture.
And that's it.
sayitaintsojoe 23 Mar, 2013
I truly enjoyed this show! Forget all that haters!
koyokoyui 19 Jun, 2012
It was fun watching but I guess people who don't know any Japanese would be rather bored because they don't understand what they're talking about in this drama (regarding the grammar stuff).
The acting was kind of weird.. especially the ninja girl and the yakuza woman were really disturbing..
kiraning 11 Mar, 2012
Gave it a 1/5, but it IS quite a refreshing concept for a drama and Naka Riisa isn't half bad.
minori 14 Feb, 2012
i don't think it's a good can be useful for understanding some things in japanese language but that's all of it's positive sides.