ESC to close 2.96 (by 230 users)beautiful love: kimi ga ireba
  • 2010
  • web
  • Japan

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romanized beautiful love: kimi ga ireba
english Beautiful Love: If You're Here (literal)
aka byuutifuru rabu: kimi ga ireba, ビューティフル・ラブ〜君がいれば〜


genres drama, romance


language Japanese, Korean


country Japan
type real
format web
network BeeTV


date 04 Jun, 2010 - 20 Aug, 2010
episodes 12
duration 10 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.96 of 5 by 230 users
total users 837
rating 680
favorites 4



Hinata is a journalist who aspires to be a writer. While on assignment in Korea, she meets Yeong Su, heir to a large company. They get off on the wrong foot and Hinata returns to Japan in a sour mood. However, when Yeong Su goes to Japan for business, he ends up causing a media frenzy and disappears, much to his advisor's horror. Living on the streets, Hinata and Yeong Su meet up and slowly start to change each other's impressions. As they slowly fall in love, a large number of obstacles stand in their way, the least of which is their different nationalities.


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Lee Yeon Su
Nagase Hinata
Arashiro Akira
Amada Miho




03 Feb, 2013
Yeon Su is a rich heir of a hotel chain while Hinata is a poor writer for a magazine, who can't get her name printed under her articles and who dreams of writing books. They first meet in Seoul, where Hinata has to find information for an article. They start off really bad and when they meet again in Tokyo, it's because Yeon Su is hiding from his family. He lives in her and her cheating boyfriends house and she and her are fighting all the time - but with that, they actually grow closer. Love, dreams and fortune with their jobs - will they find all that?

It's a telephone drama - so in short, it's a movie cut in 12 pieces. That's fine, but I'd love to have a better storyline. It was - shorlty said - rather flat. They meet, they have problems, they get together. And in the end, they even add some drama that you can't foresee in the beginning, because, well, there aren't any hints for it. It's like "Oh, that would fit well!" and like that, they force some drama on you and the characters that isn't necessary nor meaningful or even nice to watch. If I was talking about an anime, I'd call it simply a filler-episode.

But, after all that harsh comments: The story was indeed cute. It's not perfect, but I liked to watch it. The actors were nice and beautiful and had good chemistry. If you enjoy dramas also because of the quality, I'd not recommend you to watch it. I haven't found it in good quality up until now...

And the OST is - of course - beautiful! Junsu is a great singer.
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25 Dec, 2012
Kimi ga ireba, a drama unique in a many ways.

Allright, The story takes place in Japan and Korea.. Hinata is a girl with no luck in her life. Her boyfriend is a cheating player, Her job earnings aren't much. All her life she has been dreaming about becoming an author still never really succeded. On a trip to Seoul, South Korea she happens to notice a very gentlemanly looking handsome man. Thinking this man is pretty attractive and probably kind of heart she keeps watching over him and sees him dumping a girl with no gentleness in his eyes. Even more than this, He is accusing her of taking pictures of him to sell around to the tabloids.. He takes her phone away aswell as her dignity along with it. Only left with the exact words the man said in mind ''Japanese people have no shame..'' Obviously offended Hinata goes back to Japan and meets up with this rude man again, An heir to a large firm has dissapeared and has people looking for him. Who is this man really, And what is the true shape of his real self?

This is the start of a romantic story like noone else.. Beautiful Love is a webdrama without much popularity. Actually, I'd say that it is one of the unnoticed diamonds there.. It sparkles with all its might, And contains no flaws nor anything to be complained about. A Webdrama for romance & Music lovers, With music from DBSK included in the drama, The atmosphere goes beyond the expected as you start watching..

An Overall 10 for this amazing drama, I'd even like it if they produced a 2nd season.. The Rewatch value is definately on top. I just finished the drama now, And I already want to rewatch it..
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29 Dec, 2012
Both dramas have story lines which are pretty similar. The male leads are both guys with rough personalities who come from rich families. Both male leads are heirs to their family company. As the shows progress, the stories come to be about the forbidden love between a rich man and a poor woman.


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emmelined 04 Dec, 2012
It was a sweet short story... I though it would be better anyway
And I think I would enjoy it more if there was better quality to watch it ¬¬
lovelychunie 22 Sep, 2012
i love this drama... chun so cool in there.. never bored to watched it...
mizuxmizu 11 May, 2012
Such a horrible quality online, but it was all I could found on internet after months and months of search.
It's a very sweet story with and a happy ending. Just like a fairytale hehe.

First time I watch Yuchun's acting ^^
yumichan86 14 Jan, 2012
i really liked it despite the bad quality i found online^^
pitinad 21 Dec, 2011
Despite the awful quality online, very sweet and touching story ;_; <3
ocamilao 14 Dec, 2011
i wanna keep watching this but in a good quality!!
leagasshi 08 Dec, 2011
I love buying dvds legally! @truth :)
truth 17 Nov, 2011
I wanna watch this drama so bad!!!! but I can't find it anywhere T_T