ESC to close 3.75 (by 459 users)ao no honoo
  • 2003
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized ao no honoo
english The Blue Flame (literal)
aka the blue light

Based On

based on book
title ao no honoo
author Kishi Yuusuke (貴志祐介)


genres crime, drama, mystery


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 15 Mar, 2003
duration 116 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.75 of 5 by 459 users
total users 734
rating 1723
favorites 40



Kushimori Shuuichi is a highschooler, who finds his life turned upside down after his estranged father returns home, leeches off the rest of the family, and makes sexual advances towards Shuuichi's younger sister.


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Kushimori Shuuichi
Kushimori Yuuko
Fukuhara Noriko
Kushimori Haruka
Kanou Masashi
Kanzaki Shintarou


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25 Dec, 2012
The Blue Flame, aka The Blue Light is a movie starring Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari in the main role as the young boy named Shuichi Kushimori who himself has taken on the task of protecting his family against his abusive stepfather.. Shuichi Kushimori goes through a lots of lifequestioning trials withinn this movie. I'll be writing a spoilerless review.

Curled up withinn his room he is living life wondering what he should do about Sone, His abusive stepfather. Shuichi lives his life in school and in public like any other high-schooler would, But in reality his life is far from that of a normal student. His memories doesn't reach beyond a few years back without the real reason for this really being known by him, And his mother is uncapable of letting go of her abusive x-husband. He decides to take on the trial of getting rid of Sone himself. What started as nothing but a selfish wish to protect his family and himself, Will eventually turn out to be the downfall of Shuichi. From here on starts a story about Love, Hate, Cruelty and Selftorture you'd never be able to see coming. Love can be too cruel, If you do something who you'd think was for the better of your family, Reality always has a way of catching up to you in some ways.

The soundtrack for this movie was pretty good.. The instrumental melodies in the shows score made you want to cry at some points, Aswell as the songs from the original soundtrack fit into the story.

In overall I don't think I have anything to complain about regarding this movie. It is doubtlessly a movie everyone should watch as it gives you a new perspective on life itself.
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runnizy 09 Apr, 2013
another dark-movie....

nino.. he's acting is very good. after watch this movie, i got new perspective on this life.

really recommended.
misekeith 19 Oct, 2011
Nino was fabulous, even more than in his later films, but I also like the 'Crime and Punishment'-like plot and the well-dosed mix between the direction and the music.
Definitely a must watch!
akiratouya 24 May, 2011
I liked this movie a lot, even though it was kinda angsty (and thus unlike the movies I usually like). I heard the movie/novel was based on Crime and Punishment (or at least reminds it) so I was expecting a different kind of ending too...
Nino was excellent as always, but Matsuua Aya's character was a bit hollow...
amaineami 27 Feb, 2011
i loveeeeee you Nino!!! your acting soooo damn good!
rinpi 15 Feb, 2011
The acting was top class but the story was too much angst so didn't really like it that much :/
louise 14 Oct, 2010
Very Good :)
nanuklein 04 Oct, 2010
This film was good, very good. I absolutely liked it. Recommended.
authenticdivine 13 Jun, 2010
Wow I couldn't recognize Nino's voice in the beginning - he sounds so young and different! Anyway, awesome movie although I wasn't really a big fan of Suzuki Anne's acting here =/