ESC to close 3.61 (by 641 users)gureumi geurin dalbit 구르미 그린 달빛
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gureumi geurin dalbit
english Love In The Moonlight
aka moonlight drawn by clouds

Based On

based on web novel
title gureumi geurin dalbit
author Yun I Su (윤이수)


genres comedy, romance, youth, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 22 Aug, 2016 - 18 Oct, 2016
episodes 18
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.61 of 5 by 641 users
total users 1143
rating 2314
favorites 19



Hong Ra On has to conceal the fact that she's a girl. To make a living, she uses a fake identity and offers service to those who need a helping hand in their romance. Due to a misunderstanding, one instance leads to her disastrous meeting with a young man, who turns out to be Lee Yeong, the crown prince.




Lee Yeong
Hong Ra On
Kim Yun Seong
Jo Ha Yeon
Kim Byeong Yeon
Sun Jo


original creator


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02 Nov, 2016
Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds is, in many ways, your typical sageuk - there's royalty, politic plots, a love rife with problems. But the show also manages to bury itself into your heart by creating characters that are endearing and strong; who talk and resolve misunderstandings and by knowing its strengths and playing those up.

The show is successful on two parts, with consistently strong acting and fairly consistent writing. Park Bo Geom takes Lee Yeong and make him into someone whose both boyish and a leader while being smart, witty and loving - Bo Geom expresses entire conflicts using just his eyes. The show would never have succeeded with anyone less talented. Kim Yu Jeong, along with the rest of the supporting cast do an admirable job as well.

The writing stays strong for a good chunk of the run, keeping the characters at the forefront while mixing in the necessary politics. The characters grow and change but never lose their base. And while the show does falter near the end as necessary plot points get drawn out, it remains a good watch.

A recommend for anyone who likes romances or a fan of Park Bo Geom.
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17 Mar, 2018
Both historical drama are about a girl who has to disguise herself as a boy to survive. She meets a boy who is of higher birth than her. Oblivious to her secret, the man and the girl become friends and eventually develop feelings for each other.


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shireu 05 Sep, 2016
Whoever came up with this pairing is a genius. [2]
silvaa 31 Aug, 2016
Awesome ❤️✨
cncll 31 Aug, 2016
Whoever came up with this pairing is a genius.
eunhye 30 Aug, 2016
Still don't know who wanted to confront this drama with Scarlet Heart (same days airing, same time, both historical with a 'secret' around main heroine), but as far this one is better.

P.S. Read the page in Wiki about Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Lee Yeong). Hope they'll make something better =\
alex3 26 Aug, 2016
I don't expect much from this drama but so far (2eps) its a really fun and light watch. I hope they will make it interesting enough to keep me watching for 18 eps though.
Also, the leads are so cool.
goguma 25 Aug, 2016
Hmm...after first two episodes well I'm not sure. It's light-hearted and fun which I like but I feels like it lacks some solid idea and it will slowly slide to something totally mediocre. And it seems that it follows Sungkyunkwan's scandal pattern waay too much (which is bad coz' it can never compare). Well, we'll see. I hope the characters will develope otherwise I don't know (even though I was so looking forward to Park Bo Gum).
k91710 25 Aug, 2016
I think the first two episodes were cute and funny :)
bayanoh 25 Aug, 2016
My 6 year old nephew knew that Hong Ra On was a girl the moment he saw her, and yet the prince has no idea :)
Kim Yu Jeong is one of the best actresses dressed as a boy tho. In my opinion, I think she comes second after Yun Eun Hye in Coffee Prince who I mistakenly believed she was a boy the first few minutes.