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  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized hammer session!
aka hanmaa sesshon!

Based On

based on manga
title hammer session!
author Tanahashi Namoshiro (棚橋なもしろ)


genres comedy, life, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 10 Jul, 2010 - 18 Sep, 2010
episodes 11
duration 58 minutes
air day Saturday
at 19:56 - 20:54
status released


avg. score 3.61 of 5 by 575 users
total users 1167
rating 2073
favorites 29



A swindler who escapes from prison and assumes a new identity as a high school teacher. He conducts his classes in an extreme style known as a 'Hammer Session', forcing students to become stronger.




Tachibana Kaede
Hachisuka Gorou
Mizuki Ryouko
Fujii Keisuke
Sakiyama Erika
Mizuno Mayu




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10 Oct, 2010
Here we have a Robin Hood style genius swindler who finds himself assuming the identity of a high school teacher while he is on the run from the law. He then in turn finds himself using his talent and skill to teach his students valuable life lessons whenever they happen to get themselves in trouble outside of class. This he refers to as Hammer Session.

Not to be missed. Never boring and one of the most fun to watch dramas ever. Super-short and sharp-tongued student Tachibana Kaede along with super-tall and stylin' Otowa#4 (aka Hachisuka-sensei) lead this into five-star territory.

Other amusing roles include the tandem of fellow fugitive Azabu#10 (aka Imamura Shouhei the school janitor) and the true Hachisuka-sensei, who is a maladjusted otaku he calls "Roku" as in the Japanese term "rokudenashi" which basically means "good-for-nothing loser".

Well, a Miss Universe contestant as the school health nurse. I'm alright with that.
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16 May, 2011
They are about male teachers, who save theirs students' lives, using strange methodes and playing tricks on them.

16 May, 2011
In both the protagonist is a swindler who starts using his abilities to protect the people who got in trouble. kurosagi is about those people getting in troubles, because of money; in hammer session! the cases are different, but involve students from one particular school.


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verdict 18 Jun, 2014
I got really bored after 3 eps I still don't know if I will finish it someday or not. The pattern was the same ep by ep I wonder if it would change after ep 4?
yurisama 14 Jun, 2013
Agree :> To me it was good, but Nothing special
cathvalentine 29 Oct, 2012
The idea was very interesting but the drama was poorly made. Hayami is a good actor but it's really hard to make a school life show when the students suck. Except for maybe two or three students the rest of them were terrible. You don't feel the "get together" feeling and some stories were too forced. The interaction between the students was random and uninteresting. I enjoyed the show mostly because of Hayami and Shida-chan. For me, a solid 4/10.
pearline94 23 Dec, 2011
Where is season two?!!
beatte 05 Nov, 2011
It's similar to GTO. I like this drama, it's ok~ I wish I had a teatcher like Hachisuka~
I think with him I'd love a math's lessons :D
xdsmile 23 Oct, 2011
like it <3
and when Hayami said "Shukran, masalma"
"كان يضحك كيف نطقها " شكراً، مع السلامة
kuro112 02 Jun, 2011
happykame 03 May, 2011
honestly, the first 3-4 episodes were kinda boring to me, but I reaaally enjoyed the last 4 episodes! the story got better there, and I'm in love with Moko's acting here. And Shida Mirai is a great little actress ;)