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  • 2010
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized kokuhaku
english Confessions (literal)

Based On

based on book
title kokuhaku
author Minato Kanae (湊かなえ)


genres drama, mystery, suspense


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 05 Jun, 2010
duration 106 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.3 of 5 by 1295 users
total users 1845
rating 5569
favorites 167



Teacher Moriguchi is a single mother whose little daughter Manami always waits at the school infirmary until her mom's work ends. But one day, she can't be found anywhere, so Moriguchi and a few students search the whole area. They then find her drowned in the school's swimming pool. The police determine it as an accident. But Moriguchi is convinced that it was two students from her class who killed her.




Moriguchi Yuuko
Watanabe Shuuya
Terada Yoshiki
Moriguchi Manami
Shimomura Naoki
Shimomura Yuuko


director, screenwriter
original creator


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02 Mar, 2011
'Kokuhaku' is a dark and dramatic story circling around revenge. The film starts off with Moriguchi Yuko (played by Matsu Takako), a teacher telling her students about the death of her own daughter. She reveals that the murderers are two of her students: Shuuya (played by Nishii Yukito) and Naoki (played by Fujiwara Kaoru). Throughout the film, the audience gets to discover the true side of all those involved through confessions told by each different character. The ending is the best part and shows how all the events that took place after Moriguchi's speech to her class ties into her revenge against the boys who killed her young daughter. It's shocking and it's dark, but it fits the whole theme of the movie completely. Overall, this film was a masterpiece. The cast was impressive and the storyline was twisted and thrilling. One of the best movies of 2010!
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02 Jan, 2014
Both movies are about a mother who wants to avenge her daughter's death.

16 Feb, 2012
Both have a dark, creepy and eerie feeling from the first 10 minutes. After losing her only daughter, the mother in both Shokuzai and Kokuhaku seeks to find her daughter's murderer for vengeance.


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powerpuff 04 Mar, 2018
I'm the only person who didn't like this it seems. Not convincing, didn't feel anything. Teenagers would like this film though, for sure.
sweetsuga 27 May, 2017
watashiwachiaki 30 Oct, 2015
best japanese movie I've seen!! totally mindfucking!
luchia07 15 Jun, 2015
daredaniel 14 Sep, 2014
Breathtaking. What an amazing combination of imagery and music in some of the best editings I've ever seen in film. The film is pretty much all in slow-motion and it's such an hypnotic experience. It's one of my favourite psychological thrillers, it left me with such an empty feeling. The film is pretty dark and the exact opposite of Kamikaze Girls, what a talented director. In order to get the meaning of this film you need to know a bit more of Japanese culture and especially the importance that a teacher has in the life of a student in Japan, otherwise you'll feel a bit lost in its themes. I didn't understand the meaning of Battle Royale either when I was in highschool and had almost zero knowledge of Japanese culture. The acting is amazing and both the teachers and the students do an impressive job at transmiting their feelings, the film made me feel so much for them. The soundtrack is awesome with some tracks by AKB48, Radiohead, The XX and Boris. The ending was great!

iluvlynx 27 Apr, 2014
It was filmed more similarly to a Western-made film, so that was nice, so I was able to get caught up in the storyline more. The ending... if you don't like a semi-open ending, don't watch.

This is a rather psychological film - a lot of it happens inside the character's heads, and luckily, we get to see the story from many of their perspectives.

We know from basically the beginning of the movie what happened to her daughter, and we hear who the culprits are. The bulk of the movie focuses on how the culprits react, and why they did it.

Oh, and the soundtrack was mostly in English, which was surprising.
lisyoukai 10 Feb, 2014
tsurumi 07 Feb, 2014
It was interesting. Something you'd never expect. But it also made me confused.
At first i thought it was something like a documentary about these kids. How it was after the "accident" but instead it was a perfect planned revenge and a psycho "A" kid whos acts weren't to understand.
But i really like what happend to the "B" kid later. That was something horrible but seemed so real.