ESC to close 3.64 (by 202 users)38 sagidongdae 38사기동대
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized 38 sagidongdae
english 38 Task Force
aka police unit 38, 38 police squad, 38 사기동대


genres comedy, crime


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 17 Jun, 2016 - 06 Aug, 2016
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.64 of 5 by 202 users
total users 491
rating 735
favorites 2



Just as his professional life as a tax collector for the national tax service seems to go down the drain due to someone falsely accusing him of taking bribes, Baek Seong Il also gets his last money stolen from him in a fraud. After getting help from his detective friend, he tracks down the man who stole his money, Yang Jeong Do, who promises to help him get tax money from the infamous Ma Jin Seok in exchange for not going to jail. Not knowing what other events they set off by doing so, they start planning how to get Ma Jin Seok to pay back his tax debt.


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Yang Jeong Do
Cheon Seong Hui
Baek Seong Il
No Bang Sil
Jeong Ja Wang
Jo Mi Ju


producer, director


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06 Sep, 2016
38 Task Force is, in many ways, the same as any other cop-like procedural out there. There are mini arcs related to different cases along with the larger arc that spans the show. What makes this one different however is the writing, which creates twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

The ensemble casting is well done, with our conmen playing off each other well - you get the sense they like each other but at the same time are wary. And each manages to change personas to match the con at the time, making for a more realistic viewing.

The writing is the strong point however, changing things up so that it's never boring. The cons are well thought out and make sense even when they get knotted and complicated. There's clearly a lot of thought that went into planning the storyline.

A good watch for any fan of procedurals or Ocean Eleven style shows.
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cocci 30 Apr, 2018
I'm surprised this drama is not rated higher, it was really enjoyable for me.
sweetsuga 16 Mar, 2017
Vontade de assistir de novo.
nimwoo 22 Oct, 2016
To be honest, this is one of the best dramas I've watched so far. It's not breathtakingly amazing and probably not fit for everyone-especially if your taste is romcom or melodramas- but it's definitely amazing and you don't get tired of it, ever. All the episodes were fun and hooking up. I took too long to finish it because I got busy often and whenever I had to dtop watching it I got sad because if I had the whole time free, I'd have finished it in 2 days.

I was hesitant at first because I saw a lot of people complaining about it and saying "not even Seo In Guk could have saved the drama" when honestlt, as much as I love In Guk with deep devotion, another actor could have taken the role and maybe not pulling it off as well as In Guk did, but the drama was well off by itself so anyone else could've done a good job too, imho.

I really had a lot of fun watching it and it's refreshing after all the saeguks and romcoms that have been out this year. Also, compared to OCN's previous work, Local Hero, this one drama is a masterpiece. I loved every bit of it.

In Guk was absolutely perfect as always and immensely handsome so I loved him the most but all the characters were good too. Lee Soo Bin is so gorgeous, I loved seeing her here again.

Honestly, give it a try yourself. Don't let good or bad opinions get you and instead try it yourself and find its worth by your own.

I personally gave it 5/5 because I didn't find any flaw on it. And I didn't get bored at all. Not even at the middle, not even when the knot is being released; parts that are always the boring or draggy or tiring ones of most dramas. So, as long as a drama can manage to get me hooked in from start to end and never bore me out, I'll definitely give it the 5 stars it deserves.
kirtil 24 Aug, 2016
I had fun watching this, but most of my fun came from the characters and their interactions.
The story was good enough, but some of the "mechanics" they used to progress story was really idiotic.

I put this on hold on ep.3 and decided to finish it after reading finished comments.
I'd suggest finishing "Ma Jin Seok Arc" before you decide continuing or dropping this; first couple of episodes are really dumb.
sial 16 Aug, 2016
Concordo com os comentários anteriores que dizem que o começo não é legal, isso porque da primeira vez que tentei assistir não passei da metade do ep 1, até cogitei em não assistir mais.
Ainda bem que não fiz isso, pois passado os primeiros episódios o drama fica bem melhor, outra coisa que achei diferente e interessante nesse drama é que diferente dos outros dramas que já assisti, o tempo de duração de cada episódios varia bastante não é uma coisa estática.
Agora confesso que eles poderiam ter trabalhado melhor de alguns detalhes como por exemplo, explicando como o Jeong Do salvou a vida do presidente na cadeia, ou o que aconteceu com o Park Deok Bae depois que foi preso e o An Chang Ho quando foi para o hospital. Coisas pequenas, mas que ficaram sem explicação.

A forma como as coisas íam acontecendo foi muito interessante, acho que a frase que melhor definir esse drama é: "Nem tudo é o que parece ser...".
Eu dei 4/5, mas gostaria de dar 4,5 na verdade, porque o drama foi realmente bom.
magicalzelda 12 Aug, 2016
I somehow managed to finish it and now I'm happy I didn't drop it halfway. In the end it had some enjoyable episodes and interesting moments, the second half ot he drama was a lot better than the beginning. Seo In Guk did a really good job but still, he couldn't really save it alone as I said in my last comment. Well, I can't say I will miss it or watch it again but I gave it a weak 3* (since we can't give half points~)
heimi 21 Jul, 2016
Oh, I really wanted to watch this but I just saw suyeong is in this as well ...
magicalzelda 16 Jul, 2016
This drama is so incredibly uninteresting and boring and slow, the hour long episodes feel like they will never end OTL I'm thinking of dropping it since I don't really want to waste any more time on it... I forced myself to continue because of Seo In Guk but even he can't save this =_=; I'm disappointed, this is not what I expected from the screenwiter of Bad Guys :(