ESC to close 3.34 (by 761 users)cinderellawa ne myeongui gisa 신데렐라와 네 명의 기사
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized cinderellawa ne myeongui gisa
english Cinderella And The Four Knights
aka sinderellawa ne myeongui gisa, niga cheoeumiya, 니가 처음이야

Based On

based on book
title cinderellawa ne myeongui gisa
author Baek Myo (백묘)


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 12 Aug, 2016 - 01 Oct, 2016
episodes 16
duration 80 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 23:00 - 00:20
status released


avg. score 3.34 of 5 by 761 users
total users 1213
rating 2539
favorites 18



Eun Ha Won is a highschool student with a bright personality, who aspires to become a teacher in the future, just as her mother wished before passing. However, her life is nowhere near perfect as she has to struggle with family and money issues. One day, she gets involved with three spoiled and rich boys, Ji Un, Hyeon Min and Seo U, and is requested to become a live in maid in their house to help them change their ways.




Gang Ji Un
Gang Hyeon Min
Eun Ha Won
Gang Seo U
Lee Yun Seong
Park Hye Ji


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13 Aug, 2018
Both are about a girl moving into a mansion because of her grandfather, ending up having to live with four guys.

17 Mar, 2018
The two shows have a similar storyline: a poor girl who has to deal with a group of rich, spoiled guys and gets romantically involved with them.


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sillysym 22 Sep, 2017
The story and the characters are ridiculous. The beauty of Jung Il Woo save the drama. He is seriously too handsome to handle.
ryofanka 28 Jun, 2017
The 2 first episodes are so bad that I was actually considering to drop the drama :( but I have pulled it through. The drama is not amazing but it's cute and had a lot of clichés that I like ;)
The ending was to fast to my taste, they have introduces to many site topics :(
Il Woo was perfect as always ;)
An Jae Hyeon still not convince he is a good actor. but I liked how he played his character here then how he is playing his role in Blood (which I haven't finished btw).
The main girl was ok but nothing special I would say.
Park Hye Ji the character was so annoying :(
I do like the OST and that's why I have give the score of good.
superboink 12 Dec, 2016
The drama had the potential to be great but in the end, it became purely just eye candy for the viewers and terribly lacked substance. Dropped.
laydii 06 Dec, 2016
Why everyone hating omg I loved it <3
sial 09 Nov, 2016
Terminei esse drama e como amei. Achei estranho algumas pessoas comentando que não gostaram e isso meu deu um certo receio na hora de assistir. Mas eu queria mt assistir por causa do Jung Il Woo e da Prak So Dam, e digo que gostei sim.
Claro que não é aquele super roteiro e tal, mas eu gostei exatamente por ter um enredo simples. O enredo simples e leve foi mt bom pra aliviar a mente, rs.
Só duas coisas não gostei, a chata da Hye Ji (desnecessário esse personagem), e o fato de ter menos comedia na segunda parte do drama. Fora isso indico sim esse drama para qualquer um, principalmente pra quem quer assistir algo para rir e relaxar.
endroine 03 Nov, 2016
I loved this drama! it was cute and fun to watch. Some cliche's but that doesn't matter =3 also cute guys, and i love the lead actress ^- ^
skai 24 Oct, 2016
Since ep 12 this drama speed up too much, couldn't really enjoy one thing when there was something useless already popping up and it made all the mess in the last episodes. In whole I enoyed the drama, but prefer when there is not that much of the predictible action development in the very last eps.
heimi 19 Oct, 2016
What a TERRIBLE drama; It was the first time that I had to skip such huge chunks in every episode and didn't even miss a thing. Such a disapointment as Tvn dramas are my favourites and I expected something at least mildly good ... Don't waste your time !