ESC to close 3.39 (by 608 users)doctors 닥터스
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized doctors
aka doctor crush, female gangster hye-jung, dokteoseu, 여깡패 혜정


genres drama, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 20 Jun, 2016 - 23 Aug, 2016
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.39 of 5 by 608 users
total users 1116
rating 2062
favorites 10



Yu Hye Jeong used to be a delinquent during her youth, feeling unloved by the people surrounding her. However, despite all of those troubles, she grows up to be a doctor.




Hong Ji Hong
Yu Hye Jeong
Jin Seo U
Jeong Yun Do
Su Cheol
Yu Hye Jeong's Grandmother




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22 Sep, 2016
Like many other medical dramas, Doctors is a mix of episodic cases and romance, but it ultimately falls a little flat.

The strength of the show is the acting. Kim Rae Won and Park Sin Hye both play their characters well enough, but it's really the supporting cast that manages to elevate the show, becoming entertaining and fun to watch. And all the little cameos sprinkled throughout also create memorable experiences in their limited screen time.

The weakness is that nothing ever really happens. The romance progresses slowly, gets settled and then cruises along with not much else. The larger arc of the hospital politics takes center stage at a point, but that story is mostly off screen action with plenty of talk and little doing. You come for the characters, not because of what's happening to them but because they're there.

A good watch for fans of the leads or those having a slow, dull stretch but the show doesn't have much else to offer.
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moonlightangel 27 Jul, 2017
It's an ok drama, loved the OST though
leviathan 21 Jul, 2017
Ugh worst medical series i've ever watched. But it's nice to see Park Shin Hye's acting is getting better ;)
strawberryz 12 Oct, 2016
O problema não é a atriz Shin Hye e sim o enredo desinteressante. Não é um drama totalmente ruim, o início começou ótimo, mas depois foi se perdendo. Seria melhor com apenas 16 episódios. :/
yeowooya 23 Sep, 2016
Eu assisti na esperança da Park Shin Hye estar em um papel maravilhoso, com personalidade forte que fosse totalmente diferente do que ela já tenha feito e eu rever meus conceitos sobre a atuação dela, mas fiquei na mesma. Ela é extremamente pouco versátil, só sabe fazer um tipo de personagem e que não provoca nenhum pingo de emoção. Sono eterno por essa atriz. Tentei, mas não dá.
babo 11 Sep, 2016
I have a really hard time finishing this one when there are so many much greater ongoing dramas at the moment. I will give it a fair chance late on...
leylachan 01 Sep, 2016
@nimwoo What you said about their relationship is true.
The chemistry is there but, something's kinda off.

I personally had no expectation for this drama. For me it wasn't bad, it wasn't good. just ok and watchable if you have some time to spare... Nothing we haven't seen before, nothing extraordinary. You won't be missing much if you don't see it...
nimwoo 01 Sep, 2016
I hate to drop dramas but I honestly had to drop this one. Although I love Shin Hye, I really couldn't stand this drama. The plot is abstract, the love line is good until
they can't accept their feelings without behaving like teenagers. Man, isn't Ji Hong in his late 30s in this drama? Hye Jung is 31 years old. How can she behave so pathetically around him? They're so awkward and even though there's actual chemistry between Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye, the love line just felt off. It was more awkward than a high school drama type of romance.

I loved the characters even if some were bad actors or actresses but I just couldn't stand being at ep. 9 and still not knowing what was going on. Or more like, not feeling attached to what was going on. It had way too many cliché things from medical dramas and even if I love medical dramas, this one just didn't live up for anything. I get it's a slice-of-life but as I keep saying to other people who defend this way too much, even slice-of-dramas stories have an actual direction, an actual plot and can be catchy. But this one just didn't.

I admit I was super hyped up at the beginning and all the male actors caught my eye and made me scream a bit, but I lost the excitment thorough it and just couldn't finish it. Maybe I took way too much time to continue from ep 8 to ep 9 because I got too busy, but when I played ep 9, it just didn't feel the same. I slept through the episode, lmao.

I wouldn't recomment you this drama, but if you want to try it by yourself, maybe you would like it, as others have liked it too. My opinion, it's 2/5.
frannam 01 Sep, 2016
Estou terminando de assistir e ainda sem entender o sucesso que fez, só consigo classificá-lo entre médio-bom, nada de muito inovador. Porém, gosto de grande parte dos personagens médicos, princialmente os de apoio, que dão a veia cômica à história, o que está me incentivando a continuar.
p.s: Até curto um pouco a atriz, mas Lee Seong Gyeong parece estar se especializando em personagens irritantes, que guria mais chata essa Ji Seo U!