ESC to close 4 (by 88 users)good wife 굿 와이프
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized good wife
english The Good Wife
aka gut waipeu

Based On

based on tv
title The Good Wife


genres drama, law


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 08 Jul, 2016 - 27 Aug, 2016
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:30 - 21:45
status released


avg. score 4 of 5 by 88 users
total users 238
rating 352
favorites 3



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Kim Hye Gyeong
Lee Tae Jun
Seo Jong Won
Seo Myeong Hui
Lee Jun Ho
Kim Dan




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04 Sep, 2016
The Good Wife shows how an American show can be well adapted to fit the Korean style without losing the essence of the original, or failing in quality.

The strong point of the show is the directing and acting. The entire cast is amazing with consistent performances put in by the three leads - who present nuanced acting that brings the characters alive, with great support from the rest of the cast so that there are no real weak points.

The directing keeps things unobtrusive, allowing the acting to shine. The colour palette is simple, with no flashy camera work or loud music showing what happens when the director knows to just let things happen. And the writing picks the best parts from the original to allow for a smooth, developed storyline.

Consistent in the quality throughout, with great acting, directing and writing, a definite recommend for any fan of the original.
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jessicarose 14 Dec, 2016
The end as a little bit of a disappointment for me since I was expecting something more exciting. At the beggining I wasn't expecting anything but then the characters and cases turned out really interesting. But at some point I noticed important parts weren't, let's say, so well done... When I prepared myself for things going out of control they didn't get that out of control, you know?! I had fun, definetely, but it's not even close to a masterpiece.
kirtil 05 Sep, 2016
I liked it more than I thought I would.
It was light, fun and fast paced (there is no action, just that it is an episodic drama, cases are usually solved by the end of episode etc.) Reminded me of Ally McBeal with some unique lawyers.

Acting was very good, so was directing. It has a good story and tells it without going too deep or dark.

Some of the supporting cast and even some guest actors and their characters were very good and terribly underused, I wanted a spin-off or a second season just to see them more.

For people who are on the lookout for dramas with strong female leads/characters; you found her.

The negative part is tied to Ally McBeal; while trying to keep things light and positive, they sometimes cross over to ridiculous. While watching a lawyer with
a baby or disability
is interesting, realism takes a hit.

For all its lightness, I still wanted to slap halmoni. good mother, bad mother in law.

Recommended, but if you are looking for a realistic, strictly procedural or legislative drama; this might not be for you.

I did/do not watch or follow the US. good wife but if it is similar to this, think I might like it.
sachi 31 Aug, 2016
Can't believe it's over.... I wasn't sure about this drama at first because it's so mature and it's seemed a little boring because of it at first. But it's not. It is completly different than usual rom-com but I watched with intrest all the time. Younger people might don't like it though. For me story was good, acting was incredible, characters were interesting (even suporting ones: Kim Dan, Seo Myung Hee, David Lee, Lee Joon Ho) and this OST <3
aries 31 Jul, 2016
Im so glad I started to watch to serie.
It is more mature than the average rom com and it feels so well made.
If it continues to same way I can see it becoming one of my top favorites.
bayanoh 29 Jul, 2016
I don't know about everyone else, but in my definition, any creature with a beating heart is a living thing, and stopping that heart from beating is called a murder, but I'm not discussing the ethics and legality of abortion here, I'm just saying that it doesn't make sense that a country that does not legalize abortion would legalize something like that. A conscious woman wanting abortion of her 'fetus' is the same thing as an unconscious woman wanting to be let go while carrying a 'fetus'. Why is one illegal and the other one is not? It's already a given in Korean law that an unborn baby has the right to live despite its mother's will, so why on earth would a Korean court allow killing it? If that situation happened in a country where abortion is legal I would understand.
sachi 29 Jul, 2016
I guess it works like that, not only in Korea. It's like the brother's attorney said: it's not a baby but just a fetus (in legal terms). So it makes sense to 'kill' her according to her and being pregnant has nothing to do here.
bayanoh 24 Jul, 2016
Episode 6:
I don't get why they removed the lady in a coma from life support when she's 18 weeks pregnant. If a woman chooses to never be in a life support, why would that be valid even if she was pregnant despite the fact that abortion is illegal in Korea? If she was alive and she chose to kill the baby, would the court grant her request?! That doesn't make sense at all!
alex3 18 Jul, 2016
Just curious, does korean version follows the american in the exact same way?