ESC to close 3.83 (by 154 users)shang yin 上癮
  • 2016
  • web
  • China

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romanized shang yin
english Addicted
aka heroin, addiction, seung beng, 上瘾

Based On

based on web novel
title ni ya shang yin le (你丫上癮了)
author Chai Ji Dan (柴雞蛋)


genres drama, romance, school, youth


language Mandarin


country China
type real
format web
network Tencent Video (QQ, 腾讯视频)


date 29 Jan, 2016 - 20 Feb, 2016
episodes 15
duration 24 minutes
air day Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
status released


avg. score 3.83 of 5 by 154 users
total users 232
rating 590
favorites 4



On the same day, Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai receive news they do not like: their parents are to remarry. Neither agree to the marriage and detest their stepparent and their family without even meeting them, but fate has it that they become classmates. Without knowing they are stepbrothers, a rivalry sparks between them.




Gu Hai
Bai Luo Yin
Yang Meng
You Qi
Jin Lu Lu


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angi 31 Jan, 2017
This was way better then I expected! The acting was really good, I liked the story a lot and the main couple is awesome. Especially when you watch the uncut versions. I don't understand that they often film these scenes and then cut them out again... WHY!! >-<
However I really recommend it. It' s very good!^0^
And yeah it sucks that there is no second season... but on the other hand I don't know if I would have liked to see all the trouble they would have to go through. This way I can think up my own little end for them. ^0^
endroine 18 Oct, 2016
:__: f this. They censor everything and cancel the rest. Watch this if you want to hate china.

(i dont hate china dont worry <3)
sukimatsuura 07 Aug, 2016
Guys! Do you hear any news about making season 2??
sukimatsuura 05 Aug, 2016
I loooove it <3
mack 14 Jul, 2016
ugh. i need a second season.
kitsun 27 May, 2016
@yoong @pyapi

I only now noticed that the statement was posted on the official blog (17th April); saying that this is the end and that they regret not filming a bit more of additional scenes due to the lack of funds at that time. They were pretty much set on filming season 2 before (and it can be still found on several Chinese film sites), so there must have been some serious pressure on them to give up. The vague news mentioning the sequel (can be still found in some news posted in May, but not sure if they are credible at this point. :o
yoong 27 May, 2016
well, nevermind, I just saw that season 2 was canceled because of the stupid people who didn't like to see 2 boys loving each other... this world is fucked up :(
yoong 27 May, 2016
I'm ready for season 2!