ESC to close 3.53 (by 466 users)unppal romance 운빨로맨스
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized unppal romance
english Lucky Romance
aka romance by luck

Based On

based on webcomic
title unppal romance (운빨로맨스)
author Kim Dal Nim (김달님)


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 25 May, 2016 - 14 Jul, 2016
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.53 of 5 by 466 users
total users 827
rating 1646
favorites 8



Sim Bo Nui is a woman full of bad luck that affects not only herself but also those around her. For the sake of saving her sister, she decides to follow the advice of a shaman and find a man born in the year of the tiger to spend one night with. The one who meets that requirment turns out to be the genius game developer, Je Su Ho, who believes that good fortune has nothing to do with one's success in life.




Sim Bo Nui
Je Su Ho
Choe Geon Uk
Han Seol Hui
Sim Bo Ra
Gu Sin


original creator


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19 Jul, 2016
Lucky Romance is your typical romantic comedy - a meet cute couple, best friends, overacting to draw laughs and hints of melodrama. And while it isn't the best romantic comedy out there, it also isn't the worst.

Like many similar shows, there isn't much plot beyond the romance of the leads who start off as polar opposites. There's some side plots, yes, but their purpose is to help move the romance forward. The plot is fairly entirely fluff, having little substance but entertaining enough.

The acting is average. Hwang Jeong Eum is great as always but falls into a common character type. Ryu Jun Yeol manages to take the character of Je Su Ho and make him endearing and creative when he would be dull on paper. He's the heart of the show. The rest of the cast are serviceable, being neither great nor terrible.

The same could be said of the directing, which isn't groundbreaking or all that creative, but does a good enough job telling the story.

Lucky Romance is average and can go on the rainy day/dry-spell list but isn't likely to win over any hearts.
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moonlightangel 19 Feb, 2017
It was really goooooooood, but the last 3 episodes... :| ruined it for me
tamayatz 24 Jan, 2017
I liked it halfway but then it got really really boring and I was fast forwarding most of the episodes.
ryuun 17 Jan, 2017
I'm disappointed. I really enjoyed episodes 1-12 and I would even say episodes 13-14 were ok but 15 and 16 were a mess, they were bad written and I don't know why I didn't stop watching.

I don't know why they decided to make Bo Nui run after the accident, I mean, I know she's scared, she just started to change her mind about her luck, that she isn't at fault for everything bad happening around her and then the one she loves could be badly hurt because she tried to save her... but running away? Disappearing? Not saying anything to Su Ho? Wow, I don't understand. Her character development was ruined.

And the last scene... what was that kiss? They're going to get married and they kiss like they are kissing a wall? I guess they told them to do it like that, I don't know.

The end made me feel bitter... That said, Hwang Jeong Eum acting was a bit so-so for me, despite that I liked her, she wasn't yelling! The only drama I watched where she was the mc was KMHM and she was annoying. The one that shined here was Ryu Jun Yeol. I hope we can see him more as mc in a drama soon.

Oh, the laugh Se Ho and Bo Nui did was really cute.
vanityfull 21 Aug, 2016
I have watched so many good dramas, but have to say that Su Ho's character is by far my favourite. Ryu Jun Yeol did an amazing job here! He is just so natural on screen.
namstar 12 Aug, 2016
de todos os dramas que eu já vi, com certeza, o je suho foi meu male lead favorito!!!

cleciane 06 Aug, 2016
Triste que um dos meus dramas favoritos dessa temporada acabou :(
tamayatz 27 Jul, 2016
I really like the music of this Drama because it's not the usual K-pop and ballads but they've used Indie as well. It brings a different feeling to the Drama all together and makes it more interesting.
nehaahmed 20 Jul, 2016
I usually don't like Hwang Jung Eum because I find her acting over-the-top and honestly just annoying (I understand most people seem to love her and I'm not saying she's terrible, just that personally it gets on my nerves).

However, this drama really outdid itself. Ryu Jun Yeol played an ADORABLE role and I didn't find myself annoyed at Hwang Jung Eum a single time (at her character, yes, but the actress herself, no. And God that wardrobe has GOT to go..)

I give it a 5/5