ESC to close 3.74 (by 305 users)beautiful mind 뷰티풀 마인드
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized beautiful mind
aka dr. frankenstein, dakteo peurangkensyutain, byutipul maindeu, 닥터 프랑켄슈타인

Based On

based on book
title Frankenstein
author Mary Shelley


genres drama, mystery, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 20 Jun, 2016 - 02 Aug, 2016
episodes 14
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.74 of 5 by 305 users
total users 573
rating 1142
favorites 10



Gye Jin Seong is a policewoman wanting to work in the violent crime department. To achieve this, she wants to prove that the mysterious deaths that occurred at a hospital were in fact murders. This makes her cross paths with the brilliant surgeon Lee Yeong O, who has an antisocial disorder and is unable to to empathise with others. Lee Yeong O starts a journey that not only reveals his past but also the secrets of the hospital he works in.


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Lee Yeong O
Gye Jin Seong
Hyeon Seok Ju
Kim Min Jae
Lee Geon Myeong
Sin Dong Jae




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06 Aug, 2016
Beautiful Mind follows the recent trend of medical dramas, while also taking the common Korean drama trend of cold-hearted heros to a new extreme with the Lee Yeong O literally not being able to process emotions.

The plot is fairly straightforward - cold and emotionless male lead meets bumbling, warm hearted heroine and they fall in love. Of course it's more complicated when half the couple isn't able to feel/process emotions resulting in a show that takes teaching the male to feel literally. Add in some mystery and some medical drama and you get a story that always has something happening.

Jang Hyeok and Park So Dam are the heart of the show, playing complex characters well and being the hook that keeps you invested. The supporting cast isn't shabby either, but not as stand out as the leads.

The directing is simple and sweet, with nothing overbearing or amazing, but nothing terrible either. A great OST rounds it out.

Good for fans of the actors or of the medical genre, and a good watch for slow dry spells.
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15 Aug, 2018
Both are about doctors who suffer from a psychological disorder and fighting against being stereotyped in their workplace.


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rooomanoooma 03 Sep, 2018
Loved this drama so much (^.^) I enjoyed watching every moment and relate to all the characters .. I recommend it to everyone for its deep story with light romance on the top :))
beeesseoul 13 Dec, 2016
Although unrealistic, I really enjoyed this drama to the fullest. Glad it was 14 episodes, no dragging on, just enough!
frannam 01 Dec, 2016
Uma obra prima, não merecia a baixa audiência e a falta de reconhecimento! Sem dúvidas um dos melhores de 2016!
melxchan 19 Sep, 2016
One of the best kdramas this year! Jang Hyeoks acting was incredible!
I also think 14 episodes were enough. There are way too many kdramas that get boring after ~11-14 episodes. This drama won't bore you for a second!

Only thing I didn't like is that in the last episode he changed from wearing black clothes to white clothes. ;____; whyyy?
cleciane 10 Sep, 2016
Coreia, você me paga por essa baixa audiência.
namstar 28 Aug, 2016
não merecia ter sido encurtado :/
tamayatz 24 Aug, 2016
You could do a drinking game with the amount of "Table death" repeated in the drama. Apart from that this is very interesting.
alex3 06 Aug, 2016
Definitely rushed at the end, but I can't really blame the drama since it was cut.
Jang Hyeok did a great job, and it was the first time I enjoyed watching his performance without THE weird laugh moments. Honestly wish he will be in more roles like that because it suits him perfectly.

The story made me think about different things, I cried and laughed along with the characters. I would higly recommend it to anyone (well, maybe not if you're looking ONLY for a solid romance, it was okay but, you know, nothing special and not a main focus for the most parts I feel like).