ESC to close 3.44 (by 120 users)wanted 원티드
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized wanted
aka wontideu


genres drama, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 22 Jun, 2016 - 18 Aug, 2016
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.44 of 5 by 120 users
total users 286
rating 413
favorites 1



Jeong Hye In, a famous actress, announces that she will retire from the entertainment world in the press conference of her latest movie. After the event, she receives a phone call from a guy who tells her to make a live reality show if she wants to see her son again. But the kidnapper has a rule. The ratings of the show shouldn't be below 20%.


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Jeong Hye In
Sin Dong Uk
Cha Seung In
Yeon U Si
Jang Jin Ung
O Mi Ok


singer, composer


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10 Sep, 2016
Wanted follows the common formulas that dictate kidnapping thrillers which means that while it's entertaining, it's also fairly predictable.

Overall the acting is pretty well done. The main cast comprised of Kim A Jung, the broadcast team and the cops do well enough with their parts, but never seem invested. You get the sense of desperation as they attempt to find Hyeon Woo but never truly get submerged into it; there's always the feel that there is acting happening. It's partly because of the cast and partly a result of poor directing that never manages to really up the ante.

The strongest aspect of the show is the writing, which shows how carefully plotted entire scheme was. And while the big reveal behind the kidnapping could have been better, the rest of the story does well.

A good watch for those who like chasing the bad guy and unraveling mysteries style shows but not the best of the genre.
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17 Mar, 2018
In both shows, children are kidnapped and their mothers have to solve challenges posed by the kidnappers.

03 Aug, 2016
Both series feature a mother searching for her kidnapped child and having to deal not only with finding for the kidnapper but also with other intrigues.


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leylachan 27 Aug, 2016
Meh, I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes, but then I lost interest. LOL my favourite character is her husband.
Anyway...I need to learn how to drop a drama and not feel bad about it... >.>
rainbowfun 21 Aug, 2016
I really like how it wrapped up. Totally worth the time I spent on it :D
bayanoh 20 Aug, 2016
I think it would've been much better if they gave Park Hyo Ju the mother's role, removed her character (Yeon U Si) completely, and never cast Kim A Jung in the first place. It would've been better, but still bad anyway, because good acting is not the only thing this drama lacks. Jeon Hyo Seong is surprisingly good tho.
tascha 20 Aug, 2016
it had a lot of potential because the plot is amazing but the story's development was SOOOO boring.
they said it was going to be a thriller but nothing exciting happens
(except for boyeon being buried alive)

and weak acting....
such a disappointment
nami24 19 Aug, 2016
tbh while watching it i wasn't expecting anything.. and i was right to not expect much..
like idk.. i didnt like the acting much of the main girl and tbh these flashbacks with her and her son.. it just look too much like acting scenes rather than realistic scenes
i watched it because I had a feeling the kidnapper had more than just being a kidnapping and that story was good.. the thing it wanted to deliver.. but other things.. idk tbh :x
yeah finished it and ranked it 3 stars...
bayanoh 29 Jul, 2016
Episode 12:
I always knew it was going to be Choi Jun Gu PD, Lee Mun Shik is just too great to play an unnecessary character like an assistant PD. I actually felt offended for him the entire time.
bayanoh 14 Jul, 2016
I thought they said this is going to be the most realistic thriller on TV, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. Good storyline, but horrible acting, horrible characters, predictable story development, and too much drama. It's kinda like a really bad version of God's Gift - 14 days and My Beautiful Bride.
milisia 22 Jun, 2016
After first episode i have feeling, that drama have similar vibe to
Mother working in tv, kidnaped kid, bunch of mystery guys, and some conflict with her husband (?) + i bet, they didn't kidnapped the kid, just for some ransom, especially, that it looks, she's not liked in the indurstry, picky actress, and many people can holds some grudges on her?

The only difference i see for now, that the main heroine has probably two saviours, or Sin Dong Uk in the end, will be some news shark, who only wants to stand out, on the tragedy of women.