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  • 2006
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized love com
english Lovely Complex

Based On

based on manga
title love com (ラブ★コン)
author Nakahara Aya (中原アヤ)


genres comedy, romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 13 Jul, 2006
duration 100 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.29 of 5 by 3326 users
total users 4416
rating 10930
favorites 124


love com
2007 TV jp
same setting


Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani were both rejected in the past because of their height. Ootani, too short and Risa, too tall. They both promised to never fall in love, just if they find a good match in height. Risa and Ootani, who soon menage to learn in the same class, become the "All Hanshin Kyojin" of their school. They are named after a popular comedy duo that has a similar height difference. But even though they have this difference, they become good friends and come to know each other fast because of their friendly personality. And fast enough, the two become too close.


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Ootani Atsushi
Koizumi Risa
Suzuki Ryouji
Ishihara Nobuko
Maitake Kuniumi




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20 Feb, 2011
I enjoyed watching this very much! It's just so cute and charming!

I read the manga before watching this so I dove into the film with very high expectations and I have to say it was slightly disappointing. It didn't pan out the way I wanted it to - following along with the manga - but it's still a fun film to watch.

I thought Ema Fujisawa and Teppei Koike played their roles well and were a very cute pairing. I am very surprised that Ema Fujisawa hasn't acted in many films because I think she portrayed Risa very well.

In relation to the whole manga to live action transfer I thought they did the best they could. The acting wasn't over exaggerated at all since manga is very exaggerated in itself.

I like watching this film just because of how cute it is. It makes me laugh and has really funny moments as well. This is a something you could watch with your girlfriends/gal pals or even your sibling(s).
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danisensei 02 May, 2014
Kawaii! xD
thekoikoi 21 Mar, 2014
I have to say that I loved it, but don't mind me, i'm a big fan of the Lovely Complex manga and anime, hahaha! I think you're going to enjoy it if you like anime style!

I loved the cast! They were purrrrrfect, Teppei Koike was a perfect Otani, i couldn't help but fall for him! I almost scream when I saw Mizushima Hiro as Suzuki, cuz he's Suzuki's seiyuu in the anime, it was so cute.

I'd recommend it ONLY if you like Lovely Complex manga and anime <3
stellybish 13 Sep, 2013
I've never seen the anime so I can't say whether I'm disappointed in the adaptation or not xD
For me the actors were not that good and everything was happening in a weird motion and everything...
I don't know. It was a bearable movie with some cute moments but I wouldn't watch it again ~

The girl somewhat reminds me of F(x)'s Sulli *-*
ichyuuki 28 Aug, 2013
I had so much fun watching! LOVED! ^^
I haven't watched the anime yet... But I will!
tieza 01 Aug, 2013
I feel like if you went into this film without knowing anything about the anime or manga then it'd be quite good.. maybe. Don't get me wrong I still did enjoy it.. but for fans of the anime or manga series it is quite disappointing.
maiyagami 30 Mar, 2013
Very good, but I like more anime than korean's movie.
yamashita 02 Feb, 2013
I felt sorry and ask myself "why didn t u watch this earlier?" i m completely in love with love-com teppei was super :)
katalaxy 17 Jan, 2013
Anime is better, that's a fact. But I couldn't help myself cracking up a lot of times because the movie is just so ridiculous! As a comedy, this movie gets 4 stars because it's hilarious. But the story supposed to be a romance/comedy... and I didn't really saw good romance moments... :/ It's an extravant movie with a lot of weird effects and an horrible japanese narrator who tries to speak english (fantasticly funny) So yes, quite enjoyable.