ESC to close 3.5 (by 284 users)naeil geudaewa 내일 그대와
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized naeil geudaewa
english Tomorrow With You (literal)


genres comedy, romance, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 03 Feb, 2017 - 25 Mar, 2017
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:00 - 21:15
status released


avg. score 3.5 of 5 by 284 users
total users 618
rating 994
favorites 5



Yu So Jun is a time traveller who won the lottery 6 times, became rich and created his own company. In one of his travels to the future, he discovers that his future self married Song Ma Rin, a bizarre, impulsive woman who drinks a lot and aspires to become a photographer. What's more shocking is the person that travels with him tells him: he did it in order to save both their lives.




Song Ma Rin
Yu So Jun
Lee Geon Suk
Sin Se Yeong
Sin Seong Gyu
Cha Bu Sim


singer, composer


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08 Apr, 2017
Tomorrow With You is another time-travel based story that mixes introspection with romance.

The story at it's base is fairly simple. Time traveller Yu So Jun learns about certain events in the future and attempts to change it by altering what happens in [our] present. As any sci-fi watcher knows, that's easier said then done. The show manages to add in twists and turns, with memorable characters. However, it is somewhat of a slow show that, for all the hustle about running out of time, doesn't actually feel as pressured as the characters make it seem. Everyone is written fairly well but the pacing of the show seems off.

The acting is fairly good with Sin Min A and Lee Je Hun being as great as always although the chemistry is somewhat lacking. The secondary actors all manage to fit the quirks that come with their roles but, like the plot, seems to be missing that extra factor that gives everything an "oompf" to it.

The directing is also well done and maybe the strongest point. The different timelines are shot in different screen ratios and colour palettes to help differentiate them and it never gets confusing as to where in the story you are.

Overall, Tomorrow With You is an entertaining watch but don't expect it to run away with your heart. A good recommendation for dry spells or fans of the time travel element.
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18 Mar, 2017
Tomorrow With You begins with an interesting scenario, excellent technical filmmaking, and two beautiful and talented leads. However, the show suffers from too many abuses of time, starting with a fast-forwarded romance in episode 4. While its purpose is to create the sensation of a rocky relationship, it effectively undermines the viewer's feelings for the couple and creates a major problem. Because the show centers on this couple, it's essential that the viewers are invested in their relationship. Yet, their rushed courtship erodes the viewer's interest in the couple and, hence, the show itself.

Although the show does get going again around episode 7, a second time abuse occurs in episode 10, when the writers introduced a deliberate temporal paradox, and then continued to layer on causal paradoxes. I'm as much a fan of time travel dramas as the next, but I hate to see paradoxes written in without explanation. They had done well with a near-linear time description, wherein the present can affect the future, but the past is already set. But, without any given reason, episode 10 just blew it out of the water.

A third abuse of time is the awkward pacing of events. There's a stop-and-start feel with boring, tender, and funny moments coming in subsequent episodes, leaving too much time between them. For example, after the upswing in writing at episode 7 and an additional layer of mystery from episode 11, the positive feeling generated by them comes to a abrupt stop in episode 14 with an incredibly stupid character choice. I forced myself to finish the last couple episodes, and the final episode does wrap everything up with an emotional bow. Sadly, I found the ending overly predictable and, yet again, overly abusive of the timeline.

Watching this show is like sitting in a traffic jam and not knowing if you should keep going patiently because the scenery is decent or hurry over to the next exit ramp.
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jeaudrey 07 Mar, 2019
I don't know how i managed to finish this drama. It was so boring.
poice 03 Mar, 2019
I've just finished this drama and I do not regret starting it. First episodes are not that great but it only gets better with every episode. I loved how story naturally evolved and how characters developed feelings for each other. Great acting and production value. For me it's one the best dramas I've seen.
poice 01 Mar, 2019
I'm on 5th episode and I think I'm falling in love with this drama. The story is interesting and keep you watching next episode and I also really like two main characters. I'm quite impressed by great cinematography and direction. My only big complain is that at this point of story it's obvious that Doo Shik is
Ma Rin's father
. I guess no plot twist for me later on :(
daninoo 06 Jan, 2019
From 10ep to 14ep tis boring and go slow but it’s get better in the last three episodes
warmlia 28 Apr, 2017
I'm on episode 10 and I don't feel like finishing. It's too boring and the main couple is blergh.
sillysym 23 Apr, 2017
Why did i start this? It's too boring.
limenora 15 Apr, 2017
I'm stuck at episode 11... I really should finish it, but it's soooo slow...
eyeslikefirefly 15 Apr, 2017
First of all, I just have to say, the image on DramaFever detered me from starting this drama (the picture of the lead female holding up a tube of lipstick). The impression it gave me of the drama was all wrong and they should seriously switch it out (was it even in the drama??).

This drama started out so damn well. I was crying through the first 4 episodes. It even felt different from other dramas, but only in the beginning. It had film-quality cinematography going for it and an interesting time-travel story...but after about 5 episodes it starts to go downhill. I think it might have suffered the wrath of netizens complaining or something... *sigh*

But I think the thing that always draws me into time-travel dramas is that the writers can pretty much do whatever they want- so you can't predict the ending. In that sense, this drama was interesting.

And that last episode though... ! Anyway, one more time-travel drama down!