ESC to close 3.4 (by 217 users)honsulnamnyeo 혼술남녀
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized honsulnamnyeo
english Drinking Solo
aka drinking alone


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 05 Sep, 2016 - 25 Oct, 2016
episodes 16
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 00:20
status released


avg. score 3.4 of 5 by 217 users
total users 419
rating 737
favorites 2


siksyareul hapsida
2013 TV kr
main storyline


Jin Jeong Seok loves enjoying his food alone, while Park Ha Na has to do it alone, as she doesn't have many friends. Both end up giving classes as lecturers at the same academy.


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Jin Jeong Seok
Park Ha Na
Kim Gi Beom
Jin Gong Myeong
Hwang Jin I
Kim Won Hae




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14 Apr, 2017
Drinking Solo, whle incorporating the theme of drinking, is actually more about relationships and manages to create a story that's heartfelt.

The core of the show is the characters, both the teachers and the students, as we watch how they struggle through their lives. The heart is in the relationships and support they eventually end up providing each other. It takes a few episodes to get there but it's worth the wait.

The directing isn't anything spectacular; it allows for the story to grow and be told in simple ways but the majority of the strength lies in the acting (which is great all around) and the relationships. There are no noble idiots or pure evil characters, just everyday people trying to make it. It's refreshing watching a show about people you would know in real life.

A definite recommend for those that like simpler, more realistic shows carried by relationships more than anything else.
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ally 08 Oct, 2017
For me this was really bad.

First, all the characters were annoying (except Gong Myung, he was okay), especially Professor Jeong Suk, he was an asshole. He treated everyone like they were below him, and NEVER apologized. The drama ended with all the characters thinking the same way of him since ep1: he is trash. Park Ha Na was so stupid it blew me away. No comments about her and her sadistic relationship.

Second, can't believe that all the actors playing were so bad. Everyone exaggerated their actions trying to be funny, but it was not. The drama would have been so much better and funnier if they had better actors.

And third, the plot was stupid. If someone asked me to describe what drama I was watching, I couldn't because it had almost no plot. The drama had some fun parts I admit, but with the characters being so stupid/assholes, and the actors being so bad, it killed everything.

Oh, and btw there is a non-existant romance, so if you think you will watch this to see a lovely dovey couple -- forget it. There is none.
stehcamine 17 Jun, 2017
Gostei do drama, os casais que shippei deram certo. hahaah Só que os clichês pro final me irritaram demais. E detestava o Ki Bum, que personagem pé no saco. Não sei se é porque detesto gente com essas características, de não estudar e atrapalhar quem estuda, ou porque não gostei do personagem mesmo. Me identifiquei em muitas cenas, e ri demais em outras. Chorei também. O drama é bem bom, só um pouco frustrante.
ilate 02 Apr, 2017
Truly a hidden gem of 2016. Amazing drama, with amazing acting, plot, and humor. I really liked the fact that all supportive characters could as well be considered main due to the amount of attention given to them. I was very surprised by how good Key was. This role suited him very well and he truly was the highlight of this drama.

Of course it had its flaws, especially in the second half
(I found the break up very unnecessary)
but that didn't stop me from enjoying this drama a whole lot.

I'd also love them to make season 2 because the ending left me asking for even more. I feel like there is still a lot of story to tell about each of the characters.
fairydreamprod 01 Apr, 2017
It's very VERY very good! :D
jihye 11 Dec, 2016
os três amigos são meus personagens preferidos <3
juliavanila 05 Nov, 2016
I truly liked this drama! It took me only few days to finish and it was a pleasure to watch all 16 episodes. Supporting characters were amazing I liked them much more than main ones. Especially Kibum and his friends. If we are going to get season 2 I would definitely watch it.
dangochan 01 Nov, 2016
Really enjoyed this series :) Kibum's acting - wow, for me, he was the first "idol" who well-played his role. Thumbs up!! and Jin Ung's impresonations hahaha xDD
sachi 29 Oct, 2016
WE NEED A SECOND SEASON !!!!! [2] they made the ending the way it is really possible to make second season :> and let's eat also had 2 seasons