ESC to close 3.62 (by 724 users)pureun badaui jeonseol 푸른 바다의 전설
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized pureun badaui jeonseol
english The Legend Of The Blue Sea (literal)


genres comedy, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 16 Nov, 2016 - 25 Jan, 2017
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.62 of 5 by 724 users
total users 1309
rating 2620
favorites 15



Having successfully wrapped up his latest fraud, con man Heo Jun Jae travels to picturesque Catalonia in Spain for vacation. His stay there is interrupted by a woman who appears to be nothing short of crazy. Jun Jae is unaware of her being a mermaid and that their connection goes back hundreds of years ago.




Sim Cheong
Heo Jun Jae
Jo Nam Du
Cha Si A
Heo Chi Hyeon
An Jin Ju




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07 Feb, 2017
Legend of the Blue Sea is a fun, fantasy based story that manages to seamlessly weave together two timelines into a cohesive story.

The strongest aspect of the show is the writing - the fantasy elements are clearly thought out, with rules that govern the world. There pacing is fairly steady (although there is some slow down as expected in the middle), but the strongest aspect is in weaving together the two tales into a story that made you ache for the characters. And while it would have been nice for both stories to entangle further, and to have the time spent in each more evenly divided, what we were given was great. The only real downside is that, for all that the story is different, those who have seen "You From Another Star", by the same screenwriter, will recognize many aspects, which reduces the wow factor.

The acting is also great, with Jeon Ji Hyeon taking the role of a mermaid out of her dept and embracing it. Again, there are flashes of her character from "You From Another Star" but Sim Cheong has enough quirks to also be distinct. The real breakout though is Lee Min Ho who, after a few middling projects, manages to recapture the glamour from City Hunter where he embodies the role and it's hard to imagine anyone else. You come for Jeon Ji Hyeon but stay for Lee Min Ho.

If the story was a little faster paced in the middle, tied the two plots together a little tighter and didn't feel quite so much like "You From Another Star" this would be a favourite. But that being said, it's a definite recommend for any fan of the leads or romantic comedies.
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neo9000 14 Jun, 2019
worst thing you can do to yourself is watching ep00 as it literally spoils it all.
ryofanka 28 Aug, 2017
So disappointed with this drama...but then I shouldn't put my expectation high since it's the same screenwriter that did My Love From Another Star and I didn't like that drama either :(
Wonder if I should watch producer and be disappointed again :(
veydara 31 Jul, 2017
вот актеры - хорошие, сюжет интересный, а сложилось все как-то средненько. Хотя концовка мне понравилась
jeaudrey 02 Jun, 2017
A historia até que é legalzinha, mas o casal principal tem 0 quimica, 0 real, não tinha nem como shippar
frannam 04 Feb, 2017
Achei um drama bem na média, nada surtante ou inovador. Não consegui ver tanta química no casal, a grande estrela da história e que me incentivou a continuar foi sem dúvidas a Shim Chung, mais uma personagem diva para a conta da Ji Hyeon! <3
jeaudrey 02 Feb, 2017
that kiss was so fake ><
jujuvieira 30 Jan, 2017
Eu ainda não entendo como a maioria das pessoas acham esse drama ruim. Eu sei que não é lá essas coisas mas também não é tão ruim em si. Talvez seja porque estava passando na mesma época que Goblin, Romantic Doctor e WKBJ. A história era bem previsível em alguns momentos, mas apesar disso foi bem executada. E é claro que se juntar Lee MinHo e Jun Jihyun num drama vai gerar altos surtos. Eu amei eles juntos. Também gostei muito do Jo Nam Do <3

Eu ainda não entendi o que aconteceu com o Ma Dae Young no final.
hyukjae 27 Jan, 2017
I'm impressed with Lee MinHo in this drama, he improved a lot. ♥
Some episodes were boring, but the last three episodes got me hooked and the ending was good.

@stehcamine eu já achei foi bom eles terem feito 20 episódios, pelo menos não deixaram plothole igual goblin