ESC to close 3.86 (by 955 users)himssen yeoja do bong sun 힘쎈 여자 도봉순
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized himssen yeoja do bong sun
english Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
aka strong woman do bong-soon, powerful woman do bong-soon, strong girl bong-soon, 힘쎈여자 도봉순


genres comedy, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 24 Feb, 2017 - 15 Apr, 2017
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 23:00 - 00:10
status released


avg. score 3.86 of 5 by 955 users
total users 1450
rating 3688
favorites 40



Do Bong Sun comes from a family of strong women. Their supernatural strength comes with the rule that if abused, it turns into a curse and they are the ones harmed instead. While some of her foremothers suffered from illnesses, her own mother lost her power after using it to gain money. Bong Sun must survive as this powerful young girl, avoiding fights and pretending to be weak. But when An Min Hyeok discovers her power, he recruits her to become his bodyguard. And together with her childhood crush, In Guk Du, she tries to be helpful in catching a serial kidnapper.




Do Bong Sun
An Min Hyeok
In Guk Du
Hwang Jin I
Do Chil Gu
Do Bong Gi


martial arts director


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21 Apr, 2017
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon shows how a lovable and well written lead couple can elevate a romantic comedy to new heights.

The premise alone is fairly interesting, with the leads flipping traditional gender roles. The female lead is the strong, "hero" of the show while the male and second male leads take on the more conventional role of the sidekicks. She undergoes a good amount of character development, learning to love herself and fit in better with society while the male lead is the more socially adapted one who supports her. The swapping creates for a more refreshing story because the base premise is fairly new at it's core. Are there some cliches? For sure, there's the chaebol shenanigans, but even those aren't dragged out unnecessarily long and have their own little twists thrown in. And the added touch of a darker mystery gives some heft.

The strongest aspect by far though, are the main couple. Bong Sun is the more weakly written character still manages to undergo a lot of growth and flip between being a cute, twenty-something girl and someone whose not afraid to use her strength to help others. A lot of the winsomeness draws from Park Bo Yeong. The breakaway however is Park Hyeong Sik, who makes An Min Hyeok a memorable, charming male lead whose facial expressions are great. He's improved leaps and bounds, and a shout out has to go to the writer for creating a male lead who can accept that he can't fix everything and sometimes just needs to be the supporter for what his girlfriend wants to do. The villain of the show is creepy in a way you would expect from a darker, thriller and lacks a certain narrative oomph but he does well enough to cause tension as needed.

The supporting characters are by far weaker, with Guk Du being a weak contestant and Bong Sun's family, while loving, often feeling flat (or as the case maybe in certain situations, infuriating based on actions). Some aspects of the comedy also fell flat or cringeworthy; you got an idea of what the show was aiming for but it felt somewhat insulting and annoying. The gang (both the adult and high school ones) add some nice comedy but eventually began to feel old the longer the jokes and scenes ran. The attraction of the show was the main couple, and when the focus wasn't on them, it was definitely felt.

A recommend for any fan of romantic comedies. Even if the rest of the show becomes weaker over time, you'll love the main couple.
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jessicalvs 22 Jul, 2018
ep 14 was the last straw, just... horrible.
seoltang 12 May, 2018
@missiealice fiz um comentário na minha conta antiga (sweetsuga), e está na atual página 4 desse fórum. Eu curti algumas partes. Mas teve MUITA coisa errada nesse drama.
Tipo, violência familiar sendo colocada como algo "cômico". Além disso, estava me dando agonia ver aquele cara perdendo os dentes - não era engraçado.
Ainda tem gente que fala desse drama como se ele fosse feminista. É uma tentativa meio porca de fazer isso. Não assistirei mais nada dessa roteirista. Você ainda foi boazinha em dar 3 estrelas (que é considerado "bom" por aqui). lol
missiealice 10 May, 2018
@seoltang Socorro mana kkkkkkkkkk eu vi numa lista que eu tinha dado três estrelas, lembrei que era um drama meio hitado e vim aqui comparar minha nota com a do povo que listei. Fiquei aliviada, não tô louca não.
Ainda por cima tem THAT COMENTÁRIO "PORCARIA" kkkkkkkkkk. Deixa eu correr daqui.
seoltang 13 Feb, 2018
deformedchrist 13 Feb, 2018
I wasn't expecting so much about this drama, coz I usually don't enjoy comedy, but this was adorable. The central romance gets 10/10 for cuteness and chemistry.
nimwoo 17 Jan, 2018
@kirtil thank you for this. I forced myself this much because like you said, this drama is mentioned in all sort of lists and I don't get it. People loved it a lot but other than cute romance and fanservice from 2 very handsome male leads, I didn't find anything to look forward to after 3 episodes. I mean, the story is clear and you know where it is going to, but it just didn't hook me up.

I'm glad someone else thinks the same as I do about this drama.
kirtil 17 Jan, 2018
@nimwoo only the romance parts are cute and fun, but nothing special by kdrama standards. You have seen cuter somewhere else I am sure. The rest, is bad imo.

I like strong woman characters and I keep seeing Do Bong Sun as an example in all sort of lists. And frankly, a little bit triggered everytime I see her name in those lists.

I wrote a long post on why I think this is weak weak writing when the drama was relased so I won't go into details here but long story short; you are not missing anything.
nimwoo 16 Jan, 2018
I forced myself to watch this multiple times but I just couldn't get past the first episodes. Maybe it's not bad but it just wasn't my thing.