ESC to close 3.42 (by 352 users)taiyou to umi no kyoushitsu
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized taiyou to umi no kyoushitsu
aka Homeroom on the Beachside


genres drama, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 21 Jul, 2008 - 22 Sep, 2008
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.42 of 5 by 352 users
total users 669
rating 1203
favorites 9



Shounan Highschool is a famous school: there, the principal and the teachers are all doing their best to get their students to the best universities. One day, Riku and Hiroki, two students of Shounan, see a strange man diving into the sea to save two children. His name is Sakurai and he is... their new head teacher! The school year is just starting for the serious students of 3-1 class: they don't know yet that Sakurai is going to change their life!




Sakurai Sakutarou
Enokido Wakaba
Funaki Mayu
Kawabe Eiji
Sawamizu Hana
Yashima Akari




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30 Dec, 2011
Taiyou to umi no kyoushitsu is one of the lots of japanese school dramas, that we all know about.

But it's not as generell as you might think it it is because the story is somewhat different to all the school drama stories I have seen until now.

As usual there is a new teacher coming to school who is very different to all the other teachers on this specific school. He has one goal and that is to change the students into better persons. The difference to all the other school dramas I saw until now is, that the students arn't a bunch of good-for-nothing's. Actuelly all the students are very well educated and they learn a lot to get a good job in the near future. But that's the problem for the teacher, the stundets just know how to learn but not how to really live there lifes. He want's them to think about there future not in the way of how they can earn a lot money or how they can be part of society but about what they really want to work as in the future not because of such said thinks like society or money.

I like the idear about students that are actuelly good students you wouldn't normaly change anything about but when it comes to the deeper meaning of what the teacher wants to teach them, then you get that it's also important to think about yourself when it comes to your future.

Like in most school dramas you have one special person or problem as the theme of the single episode. I like the little stories a lot and they are also not usual stories you will find in other school dramas.

What I like a lot in this drama is that in the episodes before the big happening, there are already little scenes that leading to the big happening.

I was also very amazed or reather shocked that you actuelly get told what the big happening will be about, a few episodes before it actuelly happens. I was totaly shocked when I heard what the person said and I couldn't really believe that It will really happen but it did and even thought I knew it would happen I was even more shocked and I cried heavily in the episode. I could cry again right now, just thinking about it.

What I don't like is that in the last episodes it's like how it sadly is often in dramas, the big happening is already mostly forgotten because there is a last big problem to solve before the story ends. That makes the drama a bit worther actuelly.

Enough about the story. Let's talk about the actors. In this drama you can find a lot of amazing actors and even some that are not really main actors but still you know them for example Kaku Kento. I was totaly amazed to see him in the drama.

However all actores where pretty good and I liked all the charakters they played. Thought in the beginning I didn't really liked the teacher but later I got used to him.

Everything else was good too, I like the beautifull beach they had a lot of scenes at and the other places they used for filming where good too.

Also even thought in the beginning I found the intro song to be really weird I later got totaly addicted to the song and always sang it after I watched an episode because of it's catchy tune!

In generell I would recomend this drama to everyone who likes school dramas but also to all the people who want to see a very cute drama about friendship, love and growing up!
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06 Aug, 2010
In both dramas, the teachers have a lot of new things to teach the students, and a different way of thinking and living!


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kamekazuya 29 May, 2015
Hachi (╥_╥)
haruchan 05 Mar, 2013
Kaname Jun in the second episode :D
mikkamay 12 Sep, 2012
angi 12 Dec, 2011
I liked it a lot! Like ankh already said, there are many stories you uselly don't see.
It got extremly sad later in the drama. Never thought it would come like this.
I cried a whole episode. >-<
Just really really amazing drama. Very recommend, especially to people who like school drama! ^-^
ankh 25 Jul, 2011
I liked it. It was cute. Had a few little stories you don't normally see in school dramas.
komorebi 22 Dec, 2010
Finished. This was bad. Again some cheap drama taking the GTO-story and making it pathetic. Don't watch, it isn't worth it.