ESC to close 3.73 (by 641 users)city hall 시티홀
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized city hall
aka the city hall, 시티 홀


genres comedy, romance, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 29 Apr, 2009 - 02 Jul, 2009
episodes 20
duration 80 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.73 of 5 by 641 users
total users 1162
rating 2394
favorites 38



The clashing of a low-ranking secretary making her way up to the position of mayor of Inju City and the perfect elite deputy mayor aiming for a higher office can mean trouble, but perhaps something else as well.


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Sin Mi Rae
Jo Guk
Go Go Hae
Jeong Bu Mi
Lee Jeong Do
Ha Su In




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jangminhae 23 Nov, 2014
This drama was so slow and irritating at first, but I kept watching because I was curious about what will happen in the end.
However, after the first 8 or so episodes it became better.
It was so intresting and fun to watch and I really liked the ending, although it was not what someone could call a masterpiece.
Good: 3/5
cocci 29 Jun, 2014
I want to be Mirae. I don’t want to be in her situation (who would want to be in such a crappy situation) but I want to be LIKE her. She’s so inspiring. I don’t remember the last time I was touched like that by a character in a drama. I’d like to say bravo to the screenwriter. I don’t really like drama like Secret Garden and Heirs… I was actually quite surprised to see that it was her that wrote City Hall. I haven’t watch any drama in 6 months and I’m really happy to have started again with City Hall.

There is no words for the amount of happiness the epilogue gave me. I was literally smiling at my screen like an idiot, and I may of may not have squealed too. I often find things like that sappy, but here I never thought about it like that. The acting is simply too great and their happiness is just too contagious.
Even the scene of “8 years ago” made me happy because Mirae is being so Mirae and empathizes with a complete stranger and it makes her so beautiful in my heart. I love her!
aries 11 Oct, 2013
I just started watching this after hearing so much about it. And it cracks me up! Ep 4
the gay thing omg XD XD couldn't stop laughing!!
fafa71 15 Jul, 2013
^_^ such a good drama...
really heart warming :))
crimsonmoonlight 07 Jun, 2012
It's okay to watch once. I can't say I feel a need rewatch it again, though.
sarahohimesama 28 Dec, 2011
the best thing in this drama is that there's NO LOVE TRIANGLE x'D

totally loved it, Cha Seung Won is really awesome in every drama he shows a whole new side of him <3
fumetsuka 02 Oct, 2011
Want to watch because City Hunter's sexy prosecutor Lee Jun Hyeok is in it :D Seeing Cha Seung Won as main makes it interesting (I really enjoy the "Greatest Love"
bleachtsubasa 09 Aug, 2011
At first, it's slow. The plot isn't that interesting and Kim Sun Ah lets Sam Soon's character seep in, making us wonder if that's all she can do. But, it does pick up! Episode 4 is what got me on this bandwagon, and when it does, oh boy get ready for this journey through Inju! Kim Sun Ah starts making Mirae as, well, Mirae. We no longer think of Samsoon when we see her and Cha Seung Won makes his character his. The plot lines are delightful, the dialogue is fun and zippy, and most of all, the chemistry between those two is electrifying! ^^