ESC to close 2.83 (by 87 users)seisei suru hodo, aishiteru
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized seisei suru hodo, aishiteru

Based On

based on manga
title seisei suru hodo, aishiteru
author Kitagawa Miyuki (北川みゆき)


genres romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 12 Jul, 2016 - 20 Sep, 2016
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 2.83 of 5 by 87 users
total users 187
rating 246



Kurihara Mia always knew she wanted to work at Tiffany's. One day, when she goes to turn down her boyfriend's proposal, she meets Miyoshi Kairi, a man who charms her with his words. But their next unexpected meeting is when he gets introduced as the vice president of Tiffany's Japan. He is there to be trained to take over, and now has to work with Mia in the PR department, being tutored by her personally. They start to get closer, but the closer she gets to him, the more mysteries seem to open up about him. The most shocking truth is he being married. However, when he says he is not really married, she begins wondering if she should risk her job for a forbidden love with the married vice president of her company.


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Kurihara Mia
Miyoshi Kairi
Miyazawa Ryou
Masaki Akari
Miyama Chiaki


original creator


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25 Jan, 2017
Once upon a time Mia, our main character in this series, falls in love with Tiffany's and decides it's her biggest dream to work there. And now she finally is there, working in the PR department and having all her dreams come true. If only there was someone who she could love, not like her current boyfriend, who she decided to break up with but just didn't bring herself to do it yet. But luck means well, she meets her dream guy. He walks in as the new vice-chairman and shall get trained in the PR department. She is to supervise him. And of course she falls in love. Too bad, he is already married...or is it?

What sounded like a dark, adult drama with lots of drama and dirty games was actually a decent romance story. I thought they did well, creating the initial mood. But then they did so wrong on many other things. For starters, I dislike completely how they deal with adultery. A married guy, having an affair! No matter what they made in this drama, no matter how well they tried to explain it, I was so angry at all the characters at some point, that I felt like this wasn't a good drama anymore. It was too light for some things they inserted and at other points too heavy for what they wanted to make with the story. The acting itself is something I don't even want to comment about. The hobby our male lead has to let off steam at home made me cringe.

Aside from that, I still enjoyed watching it, with all the bad plot and twists. Watching the work was rather fun, which somehow saved the drama. So I still give it 3*. But I wouldn't tell you to watch it, especially if you don't like affairs or over-dramatic series. Or if you don't like the actors. If you do like all/some of the above mentioned, I am sure you will enjoy this series and can just go and watch it!
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neo9000 16 Jan, 2017
I never commented acting but this drama looks so fake. She is hot but well, maybe she should stick to something like modeling rofl

And he, well, I have no clue what he is doing here...
honey 12 Oct, 2016
Currently at episode 3 and I thought it would be a very dark and mysterious story with lots of hateable characters (because of the whole affair-storyline, you know?)
But I am surprised how much I "like" the characters so far. Not that I support their decisions in any way, but they are not bad people but rather realistic. Something I haven't seen too much in J-dramas with similar situations so far. I feel like watching more of the drama, so I guess that's a good sign. ^^
aqu135 07 Oct, 2016
predictably boring....and just boring
aquariia 02 Oct, 2016
What a mess. I do not recommend.
aquariia 19 Jul, 2016
I really like Takei Emi's ladylike look in this drama. Those outfits suits her.
etoile 18 Jul, 2016
walking kdrama cliche except with no chemistry between main characters. takky has zero charisma.
the only bright spot so far is akari