ESC to close 3.98 (by 3135 users)my boss my hero
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized my boss my hero


genres action, comedy, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 08 Jul, 2006 - 16 Sep, 2006
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.98 of 5 by 3135 users
total users 4362
rating 12471
favorites 427


2001 film kr
same setting


Sakaki 'Tornado' Makio is an aggressive and mentally slow 27 year old who can't do simple math or think about much of anything for more than 90 seconds at a time. Next in line to become his yakuza family's third boss, Makio is living the good life. That is, until his father tells him he must do something before he can ever become boss -- finally graduate from high school. Posing as a 17 year old transfer student, Makio enters St. Agnes Academy. When he unexpectedly starts making friends, becomes class leader of 3-A, and even develops a potential romance, he begins to realize that one learns much more than academics in the classroom.




Sakaki Makio
Umemura Hikari
Kikushima Tetsuya
Sakaki Mikio
Sakurakouji Jun
Manabe Kazuya





12 May, 2011
Just imagine, yakuza gangster who stutters, loves pudding so much that he would "jump" over a building just to get one, can't think clear for more than 90 seconds and is soo stupid that he can't decide which is bigger - 35 or 27. You can't? Well then get prepared, because if you decide to watch this drama, you'll see a yakuza like no other.

The story: Imagine the yakuza mentioned above, stuck in a high school crowded with full of themselves teenagers, and trying to act all innocent and friendly, while on the other hand wants to kick the butt of all his "classmates" and you have it. Nothing so much, really. In it's whole once again the main idea is to learn all the important aspects in life. What makes it nice is the presenatation, and the comedy. Definetly the comedy, which believe me, is like nothing you've seen before.

The cast: Like it. Untill a while ago I had difficulty imagining Nagase Tomoya as an actor, but he actually did a great job, so he has my compliments on his performance. You'll definetly fall in love wiht his dorky yakuza. Also, after having watched Kashii Yuu in some other roles, this is the first time I actually like her performance, so she is worth mentioning as well. Oh, and Kouki, he was cute and absolutely adorable as well.

The drama passes with high score for me, so my advice is to give it a try.
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12 Jul, 2010
Simply, a hilarious and highly enjoyable drama!

The idea of a soon-to-be yakuza boss attending high school is interesting and funny in the same time. I think that Nagase Tomoya was perfect for that role, even though his facial expressions were somehow exaggerated in some parts. Tanaka Koki's role was amazing too, and my personal favorite in the drama. His ability to combine the yakuza attitude with needlework was exquisite~

There are some scenes that can definitely make you cry, wonder about your own path in life, and, in the end, take in the message of enjoying school life and every little thing it has to offer.
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09 Jun, 2011
The similar can't tell others about my identity subtheme. In 'My Boss, My Hero', the main character is a yakuza who goes back to school to get his diploma by concealing his real identity.

01 May, 2011
The roles look alike. If you like and laugh with gachi baka!, you'll laugh even more with my boss my hero!


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strider 12 Jul, 2014
Wow, actually this is my first dorama and it was awesome :D and the main character was really good.
sedge 14 Feb, 2014
Those facial expressions... Love this drama.
kamilles 03 Jan, 2014
This drama was hilarious!
fabyanna 12 Oct, 2013
Hilário,tai um drama pra deixar a gente feliz o dia todo,ri do início ao fim,achei a história super divertida em como ele se transformou de um gangster pra um aluno dedicado,muito bom mesmo.
nyappyqueen 14 Jun, 2013
I liked this drama. I was able to relate a bit with it, the feeling of not being good enough. Reminded me of my high school years when I felt I wasn't clever enough.
I really like Nagase Tomoya as a comedy actor, his expressions were exaggerated but I think that was the point.
Ah I kinda wish Makki and Hikari would've ended up together when she'd be an adult. I kinda have a thing for age gaps. haha Well at least my ship didn't entirely sink. lol
japanfreak 13 Feb, 2013
it was a good drama i really like it i recommend it
it makes you lough it makes you cry it has it all and its interesting....
ainaki 12 Dec, 2012
The drama is ultrabad and I feel sorry for Aragaki Yui to be part of that.And even good looks of Nagase Tomoya can't make up for bad plot 'cause he's facial expressions are more embarassing than funny (as director planned) or hot (as I would like it to be).If it was possible I would give minus stars...
dodi1d 08 Nov, 2012
amaaaaziiiing!!!! i really liked Nagase Tomoya after this drama, he's a great actor ;) <3