ESC to close 3.09 (by 109 users)fantastic 판타스틱
  • 2016
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized fantastic
aka pantaseutik


genres comedy, drama, romance, illness


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 02 Sep, 2016 - 22 Oct, 2016
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:30 - 21:40
status released


avg. score 3.09 of 5 by 109 users
total users 265
rating 337



Famous screenwriter Lee So Hye is busy with writing a new TV drama and with having to deal with Ryu Hae Seong, a popular but terrible actor who betrayed her before, when she finds out that she has cancer.




Lee So Hye
Ryu Hae Seong
Baek Seol
Hong Jun Gi
Kim Sang Uk
Jo Mi Seon




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07 Dec, 2016
Unlike many other cancer dramas, Fantastic knows its strengths and plays them up using great characters.

The strength of this show is with how the core group is written. From the two leads, to their best friends and support group, you really come out of the show believing that these people will always support each other. Each has a unique personality, and well written storyline for both genders. And while the villains are fairly one note and flat, they manage to enrich the core cast even further by making them seem nuanced.

The acting deserves some credit as well - everyone is natural and display the friendship well.

The only real flaw are the villains; if they were written as well as the rest of the cast were, it would have been great. Admittedly, their pure evil just made their comeuppance that much more satisfying but having strong villains that still got what they deserved in as fulfilling a way would definitely have made this show perfect.

A definite recommend for anyone who wants a bit of a romantic comedy, a bit of sadness and just a whole lot of beautiful friendships.
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17 Mar, 2018
Both dramas are about people from the entertainment industry, and in both, one of the main characters suffers from a terminal illness.


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rooomanoooma 11 Apr, 2018
It was a light hearted drama full of hilarious characters with a happy satisfying end
kirtil 14 Mar, 2017
Story was good, characters were good, with a really good bromance and womance (maybe not as good as happy once again but still cool) and an ending that did not leave me shouting for justice. I had fun watching this.

And a big thank you to Ms. Lee Seong Eun for finally letting me see a character fight chaebols (not a chaebol here but people with power) with
using the public opinion. Usually the opposite happens in dramas and I always think people who has more to loose would be more afraid of public opinion than the underdogs.

Biggest minus for me was Ju Sang Uk. In everything I watched he was ok at best and usually leaves me wanting for a better actor for the role.. and here is was the same. I watched him play pretty different characters and in each one his mannerisms, body language and delivering (of his lines) is very similar, same even.
This may be the role I liked him most, but I suspect that is because he plays an incompetent actor here and I am already halfway there believing he is one.

I felt some good characters (and actor playing them) were underused but all in all, it was a fun ride for me.

Good fit for any of you looking for beautiful friendships and melodrama.
Not a good fit for people looking for realism. A lot of topics and things are idealized, glazed and prettied. Think of watching the world thru pink tinted glasses..
neo9000 27 Jan, 2017
mediocre at best... such an empty shell...
d0npian0 21 Nov, 2016
I could name a dozen things about this drama that weren't good. There were clichés and plotholes and all in all it wasn't really super realistic. But I still enjoyed watching it a lot. The (good) characters were all loveable, the love triangle wasn't dragged out, the evil people were fun to hate because they were so silly and there were quite a few scenes that cracked me up. Also, say what you want about Joo Sang Wook but he was hilarious in this one.
zaharisa 20 Nov, 2016
ha-ha- XD Foot-Caprio XD
nimwoo 08 Oct, 2016
@milisia Ikr! Tbh she and Jisoo are the reason why I'm still watching the drama. I mean, there are only a few eps left and nothing has happened around her yet. She's only given a few mins per episode and they're more exciting than the rest of the ep lmao. I wish they had given more mins to Seok Woo & Seol's relationship because that was literally the only good thing out of this whole drama.
For the main couple, like you said, literally nothing happens. I mean, yeah, she has cancer and is fighting it but? There's nothing else. And Hong Joon Ki
was good for the first eps but then his character was so cheesy and they tried to make him fit in the second character feel but really, it just never felt like that.
The drama is just plain awful. Never had rated something this low, lol.
milisia 08 Oct, 2016
@nimwoo lol i have the same feeling XD also from around..3 episodes i think? nothing big happend so.. Also i was hoping that Baek Sol story will be more interesting. In the end, ok, she started somehow "trolling" her husband's family, but still...why so late? i want to see her fight for her rights, be strong and independed, but i have strong impression, she's .. i dunno... the last scene from 11 episodes
when she crashed all this wine bottles
was nice, but it wasn't enough for me :P
Boring :P
nimwoo 07 Oct, 2016
I really wish they cut down this drama. It's so boring but I don't want to drop yet another drama lol. And also, Jisoo's story is why I'm still here. But I really wanna drop this. Soooo boring.