ESC to close 3.25 (by 551 users)nangrang 18 se 낭랑18세
  • 2004
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nangrang 18 se
english Sweet 18 (literal)
aka little bride


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 19 Jan, 2004 - 09 Mar, 2004
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 22:55
status released


avg. score 3.25 of 5 by 551 users
total users 1018
rating 1789
favorites 8


nangrang 18se
2003 TV kr


When Yun Jeong Suk and Kwon Hyeok Jun were little, their grandfathers signed a contract, that both would marry when they are grown up. After that the families lost contact. Now Jeong Suk is 18 years old, the leader of a girl gang and often running into trouble. Meanwhile Hyeok Jin is the complete opposite. He's a prosecutor and interested in Korean culture. That's why the arranged marriage is a huge shock to them. But when they marry, Jeong Suk starts to fall for Hyeok Jin.


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Gwon Hyeok Jun
Yun Jeong Suk
Mun Ga Yeong
Gwon Jin Sa
Gwon Seon A
Ji Nam Cheol




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18 Jun, 2010
It's been over three years since I watched this drama. But I remember I liked it very much. I thought the heroine was so funny and exactly that kind of strong girl I adore. And I love to see girls fighting for their love. Additionaly the guy was just my type. An adult with a touch of arrogance, but sometimes insecure and of course damn cool.

This drama also gives an insight into korean culture and it's sometimes stiff traditions of promised marriages and the whole family getting into the matters of the married couple. I recommend it. It's funny and heartwarming.
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26 May, 2011
Both are about a arranged marriage. And both couples have to get along with each other and after some time they fall in love.

26 Jul, 2010
Both works thematize arranged marriages in a funny way.


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fabyanna 12 Oct, 2013
Perfeito de tão fofo,assisti duas vezes e ainda assisto mais sem me cansar,amei!!!!
aquariia 11 Oct, 2013
Very cute and funny drama. There's a lot of chemistry between the mains.
I've got slightly bored at the end but overally I had a great time while watching this drama.
aijo 08 Jan, 2013
Loved this drama from start to finish.
sekaichan 05 Oct, 2012
I love this drama.
Funny and sweet *-*
joyjee 10 May, 2011
This is what you call an underrated Korean drama. This is still by far the best KDrama in my book. I remember crying to this one, hating Lee Da Hae for the first time in my life (I loved her in My Girl), and watching My Boyfriend is Type B because of the main couple! I heard they did go out for a while after this drama. It's sad they didn't go out for long :( And Han Ji Hye is already married :(

More people should watch this. This is a true KDrama gem that needs to be discovered!!!
tuma91 10 May, 2011
^___^ This drama was so damn sweet, it made my tooth ache!!! It's such a cute story about true love that has everything a gal can want in a series! Lovable characters: You not only find yourself falling in love with the lead couple, Jung-Sook and Hyuk-Joon, but also with the supporting characters who all have such unique personalities that makes the drama even more endearing! What I liked most about this drama, other than how adorable the lead couple were with one another, is how REAL the characters were. Unlike alot of dramas out there, the actors/characters weren't these perfect mannequins, that had it all: looks, smarts, money, that makes you want to hate them. Jung-Sook is spunky and childish and doesn't give a damn. Hyuk-Joon is mature and very serious and that's what makes it so much fun for him to be teased by both Jung-Sook and his friend Jung-Chan! You even end up liking Hyuk-Joon's manipulative sister and ex, because they're just so interesting and I ended finding his sister Sun-ah cute as she found her own love interest. This is a sweet, simple story of true love, the very best kind, with none of the angst and psychotic exes and other love interests!!! Give it a try!
ninatan 08 Apr, 2011
alocamary 22 Feb, 2011
OMOOOO! I love this drama *-*
Cute, funny, with the best couple EVER!