ESC to close 3.22 (by 129 users)bleach
  • 2018
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized bleach
aka ブリーチ

Based On

based on manga
title bleach
author Kubo Taito (久保帯人)


genres action, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 20 Jul, 2018
duration 108 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.22 of 5 by 129 users
total users 231
rating 416



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Kurosaki Ichigo
Kuchiki Rukia
Ishida Uryuu
Abarai Renji
Kuchiki Byakuya
Kurosaki Masaki


original creator
costume designer


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kirtil 27 Sep, 2018
casting of the side cast and hair & make up was ok, rest was meh.

high bad, low average for me.
leviathan 26 Sep, 2018
pffft , i was right. could barely finished 10 minutes it was sooooo horrible. Thanks for ruining one of my favorite anime series. :(
danisensei 15 Sep, 2018
Ok, this wasn't a total disappointment (like SnK), but it lacked SOOOO much! Impossible to fit all those chapters/episodes in less than 2 hours and make it as good as the anime version. This Rukia s*cked, and even Miyavi couldn't save it. Fukushi Souta wasn't that bad, but Saotome Taichi and Yoshizawa Ryou did a good job playing Renji and Ishida.
But so much of the story was missed... =/
It's ok to spend some time to watch it.
kirtil 16 Jun, 2017
@Random chan hah hah yes. I think I'd even watch paint dry off a wall if he is in it.

I generally don't like overacting but man Takenaka Naoto (and Abe Hiroshi) has something about them that I love watching them and all the antics they bring to their characters, no matter how over act-y they seem.
Random chan 16 Jun, 2017
@kirtil Takenaka Naoto as Urahara? Omg, I would pay to watch an entire series about him xDDDDDDD.
leviathan 13 Jun, 2017
@kirtil Because live actions mostly aren't same with anime. I mean look at JoJo's live action and tell me if how many of these looking muscular like original manga series' characters? I'm not aganist to pretty boys but that doesn't work in JoJo tbh, also dark setting and lack of stands (i'm not sure about it tbh) are made me less hyped for upcoming live action movie.

About Bleach, that Fukushi guy has no acting ability, yeah he does look like anime characters but i'm just afraid that he won't pull Ichigo role well. Coz his acting sucks.

But i've heard that Rurouni Kenshin live action was well-done.

But how Abe Hiroshi could be Rukia btw? omg that's crazy! :O can't even imagine him having cross-dressing! XD
kirtil 13 Jun, 2017
@leviathan @Random chan I feel like there is some kind of prejudice about live action versions of certain genres. Like they are for a certain type of audience only, so there is no need for quality; just fill it with idols or whatever that presumed type of audience wants (X actor was in Y movie and it was a success, so we put X in ALL the Y type of movies and shortcut to success or something like that) and be done.

My proposed cast:
Matsuda Shouta as ichigo
Abe Hiroshi as Rukia
Takenaka Naoto as Urahara

I'd pay to watch this haha/
leviathan 12 Jun, 2017
@Random chan But... Fukushi Souta doesn't fit Ichigo role at all, this fact made my expections lower, oh maaan T________T

I always wondered why in live action versions of anime series played by unfitting actors that don't have anything with characters themselves (JoJo, Tokyo Ghoul, SnK, Ajin and etc.)