ESC to close 3.95 (by 359 users)joou no kyoushitsu
  • 2005
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized joou no kyoushitsu
english The Queen's Classroom (literal)


genres drama, mystery, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 02 Jul, 2005 - 17 Sep, 2005
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.95 of 5 by 359 users
total users 609
rating 1419
favorites 31


yeowangui gyosil
2013 TV kr
joou no kyoushitsu
2006 TV jp


Akutsu Maya is a new sixth grade teacher who gives off a demonic aura, centring her class around a privilege system based on grades. Those with the lowest scores are responsible for chores such as serving lunch or cleaning the chalkboard. Those who speak up against her or disobey her in any way are punished. Maya is thus often referred to as 'onisensei', Demon Teacher. Kanda Kazumi is a twelve year old in Akutsu's class, whose bright personality but average grades often land her in doing the chores. However, as the year goes on, Kazumi and the rest of the class begin to learn that Maya is not as heartless as she appears.


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Kanda Kazumi
Akutsu Maya
Tendou Shiori
Shindou Hikaru
Manabe Yuusuke
Kanda Shouko




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27 Oct, 2013
I recommend this show to everyone but I specially recommend this show to teenagers. I gave 10 ratings to many dramas & movies but it looks like I need to change their ratings...

I enjoyed this show more than any other show. The story is very meaningful. It changed my views for importance of study, life and past-present-future. It is pessimistic and also optimistic; realistic and also idealistic. Every character in the drama and all 24 students have their own dream and problem to solve. They learned some important lessons as the time passed. Speech in last episode is very thoughtful, and it’ll create huge impact on you.

The actors were also amazing. The actress who plays Maya is both lovely and really talented. I can’t help myself fall in love with Shida Mirai. All kids are wonder kids; every kid played their role perfectly with emotions as if they are really in that situation and everything is happening to them.

All the episodes are extremely touching and made me cry, tears weren't falling because of only sadness but tears were falling because of happiness also. I highly recommend this drama to everyone. It’s one of the most meaningful stories I've ever seen and really makes you think about teaching, learning, and life. There are many great moments but ending scene of Maya in last episode is epic.

As I mentioned already that I enjoyed this show more than any other show. I hope they’ll air this show someday in India.

If you haven’t started this show yet then start it now……and don't forget to watch specials..."Tee Hee"!!!
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09 Jul, 2010
Captivating and thought-provoking. This is a brilliant work.

Engaging in such a way that it leaves the viewer awaiting every forth-coming line with interest. Not only that of the teacher but of every character in the drama. There is scarcely a wasted or irrelevant line to be found anywhere.

Amami Yuuki plays the role of the strict and realistic teacher magnificently alongside excellent performances from the children who make up her class.
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29 Oct, 2011
A woman who looks stiff and never changes her facial expression is dealing with children and teaching them that no matter what the outcome is going to be, they have to make their own decisions and take the responsibility for it. In Joou no Kyoushitsu we are talking about a teacher, while in Kaseifu no Mita we are dealing with a housekeeper.

17 Jul, 2011
In both series Shida Mirai plays a girl who is bullied in her school by teachers and students, because of her goodness, naivety and humanism, which make her unable to stand any kind of injustice.


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vikisecret 02 Jan, 2018
so many memories with this drama )"
alexadm81 20 Aug, 2016
It was a very beautiful drama with great acting!
pyapi 22 Nov, 2014
A very interesting show. Very well thought out. It drags a little bit half-way through the drama, but otherwise it's an amazing drama. 4/5
zaharisa 16 Jul, 2011
It's interesting for me, since shows quite well how society works.

I guess Maya is trying to show them this and make them stronger by knowledge, creating common enemy and etc; making them rely on themself.


Isn't that some sort of sadism, though?
akiraka 09 Apr, 2011
I remember watching this last year. Absolutely brilliant. I found myself awaiting every forthcoming line with keen interest. Not only that of the teacher at the core of it all, but of every character in the entire cast. There was scarcely a wasted line to be found anywhere. I think I read somewhere that both Amami Yuuki and Shida Mirai received awards for their performances in this. It was not hard to see why. A definite masterpiece of modern drama.
xjannyx 25 Nov, 2010
I agree with what authenticdivine said. Two of my favorite actress are also in this, but the drama is just not good.
pontica 01 Sep, 2010
Being the child of two teachers, I have to say that, educationally speaking, this series is a masterpiece. It's not easily understood if you just want to see a school comedy with only cute factors. No. This is an example of a truly great teacher dealing with real life problems in a way that seems almost tyrannic because we're stuck in a crappy system, but she is right in everything she does.

It's funny that I've been avoiding this drama for about a year because it didn't seemed interesting at all. Now I curse myself for all that wasted time. I strongly recommend this to those who have interest in teaching. I'm not saying people should copy her ways, but they should understand the real reason behind Maya's actions because she's flawless.
authenticdivine 19 May, 2010
What a shame that two of my favorite actresses were in it because I just did not like this drama. Nice concepts and all but just not done well at all =/