ESC to close 3.84 (by 306 users)voice 보이스
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized voice
aka the voice, 더 보이스


genres crime, mystery, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 14 Jan, 2017 - 12 Mar, 2017
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 306 users
total users 566
rating 1174
favorites 5


voice 2
2018 TV kr


While detective Mu Jin Hyeok is out solving a case, his wife is murdered after calling the emergency call centre for help. When the call comes in, Gang Gwon Ju is working at the call centre and overhears not only Jin Hyeok's wife being murdered, but also her father who was close to the scene and set out to investigate. When the police catch the murder suspect, Gwon Ju insists that they have caught the wrong guy, causing the only suspect free to be set free, which devastates Jin Hyeok. Three years later, Gwon Ju comes back to Korea after spending time in the U.S. and sets up a 'Golden Time Team' with Jin Hyeok as a reluctant team leader whose purpose is to solve crimes.


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Gang Gwon Ju
Mu Jin Hyeok
Sim Dae Sik
O Hyeon Ho
Park Eun Su
Cheon Sang Pil




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24 Aug, 2017
Voice is a good criminal drama and a very bloody one. The main theme is revenge that is shown through the police work and investigations.

I absolutely liked the plot that is well written, original and from time to time scary. That leads to my only one complain - there is too much violence shown and by violence I mean blood, injuries, weapons and even child abuse. If you are sensitive to such topics you’d better not watch Voice.

Jang Hyeok’s acting was as always nice. He is very emotional and passionate with everything he did. Lee Ha Na acting was so so. She was the one who could interpret every voice but why did she speak so quite? And I doubt her acting skills. The other members of the squad were portrayed very good. I wish they would shoot a sequel about other investigations of this team.

Voice is fast-paced as it shows the work of 911 that cannot be slow in any sense. Almost every case is connected with the main theme of the dorama and it makes the story whole.

All in all it is one of the best criminal dramas I have seen. It is not gloomy and sad like most revenge themed dramas, as it does not lack humour and romance.
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14 Apr, 2017
Voice follows OCN's theme of criminal procedural and is in many ways similiar to other drama crime shows, while still managing to make itself different.

Overall, the fast-paced, heart pounding aspect is built into a show where crimes are always brutal and time is always ticking away. Does it lead for an episodic format? Yes. But because the villains (especially the big bad) is so gruesome, and because there is an overarching plot that never really gets pushed to the back burner, it still makes for an interesting watch.

The biggest challenge the show faced was with making the call center scenes engaging, particularly when Gang Gwon Ju was intently listening in an attempt to determine any clues. And in some ways, the show succeeded, by intercutting with scenes of the crime scene and Mu Jin Hyeok racing the clock. There were moments were it seemed like the show was trying too hard, but they were few and far in between.

The weakest aspect of the show for me was actually Lee Ha Na, who felt stiff compared to the rest of the cast despite having a fairly fleshed out back story. Part of it is a writing limit - when you're character is frequently stuck at the call center and relying on hearing it's hard to emote as well as those out in the field, but even when she's active it falls flat, especially compared to the rest of the cast. The other weak spot was the level of trouble the team encounters (without spoiling the show) which sometimes borders on disbelief. They're meant to be elite but don't always feel like.

A gritty, gruesome show that's a recommend for any fan of crime or procedural shows. If you liked OCN's past offerings, you'll probably like this one.
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r0lan ~ 3 weeks
Good premise. Mediocre everything. It felt like each and every actor needed to pass a screaming test to act in this haha

Kim Jae Uk was good in this tho, really enjoyed his role.
superboink 26 Nov, 2017
Loved the way they built up the suspense. Jang Hyuk is great as usual! :) the main girl is so stiff though. Maybe it's partly due to her over plasticised face, it was difficult to see any emotions regardless of the situation she was in... this is one bloody drama, maybe a bit too bloody for my liking (especially the last death). And ye, the show is full of psychos *_*
sillysym 22 Nov, 2017
It was ok. It had problems, but the actors were good.
I didn't like Lee Ha Na at all. Because of the plastic on her face i couldn't tell her emotions. She had always the same expression.
I liked a lot Tae Gu. He was too sexy too handle.
the scene were he was killed it was much. Maybe they wanted to introduce a new psycho, but i didn't like it. I would have preferred if he remained trapped in in mind, where all the people he killed would have stabbed him forever, but in his mind.
somiboo 09 Oct, 2017
*sigh* Surely the minute we heard the killer's real voice, we all knew who he was. My sigh is me being heartbroken as I've now gotten to that episode and had to come and see if my hunch was right.
sunkeener 22 Aug, 2017
Someone should put a rating R to the top of the synopsis.
The last scene with Mo Tae Gu was bloody!
jujuvieira 06 Aug, 2017
QUE VILÃO!! Esse vilão foi maravilhoso, Kim Jae Wook tá de parabéns viu. Me arrependendo de não ter terminado esse drama antes.
uma coisa que não entendi foi aquele final na cena do hospital, foi só imaginação do Tae Gu ou aconteceu mesmo??
sial 23 Jun, 2017
@seoltang Sei lá, sempre tem alguém que espera algo assim (eu sou um desses, rs), mas independente disso, eu amei esse drama.
seoltang 22 Jun, 2017
@sial Acho que o povo nem espera isso. Quase todos os dramas policiais da OCN tem zero romance.