ESC to close 3.15 (by 209 users)zhong ji yi ban 終極一班
  • 2005
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized zhong ji yi ban
english KO One


genres action, comedy, school, fantasy


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network GTV Variety Show


date 26 Nov, 2005 - 27 May, 2006
episodes 21
duration 90 minutes
air day Saturday
at 22:30
status released


avg. score 3.15 of 5 by 209 users
total users 422
rating 659
favorites 9


zhong ji yi jia
2007 TV tw
zhong ji yi ban 2
2012 TV tw


There is a class full of delinquents that other schools do not accept. Within that class, there exists a ranking system called KO. Wang Da Dong is KO.3 as well as the class leader. He becomes best friends with another KO.3, Wang Ya Se, and KO.4, Ding Xiao Yu. When Lei Ke Si, a long absent student, returns to school, strange things begin to happen and Ya Se is suspected of being the culprit and legendary KO.2, who can hide his identity.


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Wang Da Dong
Wang Ya Se
Ding Xiao Yu
Lei Ke Si
Sha Jie
Cai Yi Ling




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15 Apr, 2011
It's the same cast. The X Family is a story involved in a parallel universe with Zhong Ji Yi Ban.


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mayu 04 Jul, 2013
This is one of the most random things I've seen in my whole life... And believe me, there's no way you'll understand the randomness of this series in its full glory unless you watch the whole thing. I have no idea why but I loved it X'D
aleksendrab 17 Oct, 2012
si part le plus grand des hasard quelqu'un le possede en sous titrés francais ou si quelqu'un peu me renseigner la ou je peux le trouver merci de me contacter ^^
thefreak 29 May, 2011
This is not funny, this is stupid!
The actors are bad and the story isn't a bit captivating -.-
erisadesu 15 Apr, 2011
My first TDrama :) I loved the randomness and the fact that some roles were dissapearing and no one seemed to care.
d0npian0 10 Mar, 2011
I'm only at ep 12 but I love it already.
It's SO wacky and sometimes cheesy and stupid... lolol. Just like endroine said: If you think it's funny if the hero fights with a frying pan (a Dragon Tattooed Pan!), this is the thing for you. If not, well, you've been warned.

The funny thing btw is that while this is a drama about fighting delinquents, you don't actually see them fight. I feel a little cheated because I was expecting something like Crows Zero or Majisuka Gakuen... but oh, well, what adds to the charme of KO One is that it all looks fake and cheap and like a parody.
sc0pii0gal 25 Nov, 2010
super duper love this show... especially jiro's role... the cool and handsome dadong♥
chuchuchan 22 Sep, 2010
jiro, wu, danson, calvin AND aaron in one drama? must be awesome and hilarious.
endroine 04 Sep, 2010
Guys (& girls lol) this drama is really awesome. I loved it because of Danson XD
Evil hotties are so.. hot xD (In spoiler cuz im saying hes evil, which means hes KO.2 and you 'dont know that yet' XD)
mwuhaha but if you search for a good drama, with good acting then this is nothing for you. Acting sucks (according to other people because i can't see that lol, except if it's really really bad) story is good tho, but the 'special effects' are really lame and fake (also according to some, i think they're pretty cool o-o) If you don't think a pan as a weapon is funny, this is nothing for you XD if you do, it is!