ESC to close 2.85 (by 61 users)wanbyeokan anae 완벽한 아내
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized wanbyeokan anae
english Ms. Perfect
literal Perfect Wife
aka a perfect wife, the perfect wife


genres comedy, mystery


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 27 Feb, 2017 - 02 May, 2017
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 2.85 of 5 by 61 users
total users 153
rating 174



On the surface, Lee Eun Hui seems like the perfect woman and wife. When Sim Jae Bok's husband and two children move into her house, Jae Bok is the first one to start discovering the cracks in Eun Hui's personality. No one believes Jae Bok, but slowly she discovers about Eun Hui's psychotic behaviour, her lies and secrets and starts believing that many of the events that happened in her own life were already planned and manipulated by Eun Hui. And the most frustrating thing is that one by one, everyone around her including her own husband and children starts liking Eun Hui more than they ever liked Jae Bok, as she fails miserably at being so polite and perfect.


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Sim Jae Bok
Gu Jeong Hui
Lee Eun Hui
Gang Bong Gu
Na Hye Ran
Kim Won Jae


martial arts director


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08 May, 2017
Perfect Wife is a hard show to classify. On one hand it's somewhat slice of life as we follow Jae Bok and Jeong Hui as they navigate a failing marriage. On the other hand, there's the mystery of Eun Hui and how she factors into everything. The addition of Bong Gu adds a comedic element and it's all tied up in a somewhat overarching mystery.

The big question is, does it work? And to a point it does, and fairly well at that. Jae Bok is a strong female character whose not willing to call people out or ask the tough questions. Bong Gu is a great supportive lead while Jeong Hui is the weaker character not only as a personality but also when compared to the rest of the cast. Eun Hui is hard to pin down but kudos to Jo Yeo Jeong for playing her character amazingly well, managing to get across all the nuances to hit that balance needed for her character, along with the changes as the show progresses.

The weaknesses tend to be more a result of how strong other aspects of the show are. Jae Bok is a strong mother character, so some of her actions and decisions (especially regarding Eun Hui) make little sense other than to progress the story. And other character motivations are less fleshed out. The overall length of the show is a bit long making the plot feel like it runs longer than it should.

Overall an interesting watch but one that requires a certain taste to enjoy.
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maram07 09 Aug, 2017
The actors and actress were so good but the story line is the problem
it was good until ep8 then it turns boring and repeated
it should be only 10 or 12 episodes as a maximum
cleciane 07 Jul, 2017
Terminei de assistir por obrigação mesmo.....
limenora 03 May, 2017
I find this drama very fascinating and unpredictable. The acting is very good too. Recommended. [2]

At the beginning it seemed like another silly cliché drama, and then it turnt out to be an exciting and interesting drama. If you like creepy and unpredictable stories, go for it, you won't regret.
I love the female leads.
Although I'm not crazy about this Bong Goo - Jae Bok love line, I think it's quite forced.
Lee Eun Hee is super crazy, the actress portrays the character sooo well, omg. :D
I wanted to punch Jung Hee in the face when he already knew who Lee Eun Hee is and still wanted to have the custody over the kids. :D
samanthawoo 02 May, 2017
I find this drama very fascinating and unpredictable. The acting is very good too. Recommended.
jessicarose 17 Mar, 2017
I'm very curious about what the ajuhmas are going to do! I can't wait for it! I really like the creepiness about them.
sweetsuga 05 Mar, 2017
Voltei porque disse que voltaria. Mas realmente não faz o meu estilo vir na página dos dramas pra falar mal. Eu prefiro manter isso pra mim e tirar da minha lista. Vamos lá...Não parece ser ruim. Cenas cômicas, ritmo lento e um mistério meio confuso (?). Acho que a história simplesmente não me pegou. Boa sorte pra quem for acompanhar. ^^
limenora 03 Mar, 2017
So far not bad... I'm not crazy about it yet, but it has some potential. :D
sweetsuga 01 Mar, 2017
É da mesma autora de All About My Mom (que não foi bom...). Voltarei daqui a quatro episódios pra dar um pitaco.