ESC to close 3.64 (by 927 users)domangja 도망자
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized domangja
english Fugitive (literal)
aka fugitive: plan b, runaway, domangja s1, s1.plan b, 도망자 플랜 b


genres action, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 29 Sep, 2010 - 08 Dec, 2010
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.64 of 5 by 927 users
total users 1802
rating 3372
favorites 58



Ji U is a Private Investigator -- a forbidden job in Korea -- and a runaway because the police believe that he murdered his partner Kevin years ago. Due to some events he meets Jin I, a young woman, who lost her family. She orders Ji U to investigate her family's death and search for someone or something called 'Melgidek'. In return for that she will give him information about Kevin's death so he can prove his innocence. And so, the two of them begin a hunt all over the Asian continent, searching for the truth and doubting the people who are close to them.




Ji U
Jin I
Do Su
Detective Yun So Ran
Nakamura Hwang




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15 Apr, 2012
Both of the male leads investigate cases. Both of them look and act like they're clueless, but in reality they are geniuses.
Stories have the same themes, such as love, comedy, and action. Both have characters seeking to uncover the truth.


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alex3 22 Mar, 2016
First episodes are the mix of lame & somehow enjoyable .. Some fighting and 'serious' scenes feels off, but the comedy part is okay (idk if that's intentional though). I can't say anything about romance yet, but I think chemistry will be good in this one.
tomoesama 02 Nov, 2014

Ji Woo is Ryou Saeba. They're one and the same in everything. It has a good balance between action, comedy and romance. I liked the action and the chases, and I wish that Ji Woo and So Su were cuffed together for a longer time. It's quite addicting ones the story develops well, although I was getting quite sick of always framing Ji Woo and no one believing him when it was a clear frame up and of the freaking gold getting stolen all the time.

Regarding the romance; I would have liked it if the relationship between Jini and Jiwoo developed more instead of wasting a lot of time on Kai and Sophie and the break up between Jini and Kai. The relationship between Do Su and Soo Ran was adorable although she was a little annoying at times.

Though, let me get this straight... Someone who was shot by a sniper lived... and someone who was stabbed (like almost everyone else in the drama and lived), died... in like 5 seconds... while other characters seemed to be cats or drank the elixir of life. Soo Ran's death was unnecessary to the plot, it kinda served to give the final climax to the story but it was seriously useless.
I realised she or him would die when he said "let's get married", that's a code, it means one of them must die. Like "let's start over when I come back" (city hunter) or "I'll tell you when I get back, that I love you" (King two Hearts) one of them always always dies.

Edit: It also has great ost, and for once it's placed at the right moment
xoxo 09 Jan, 2013
Action and romance and drama too !
Liked it!
palepaleta 11 Dec, 2012
@xdsmile I was like that too! but believe me... it gets better, at the point ya'll can't stop watching it.
palepaleta 11 Dec, 2012
A long comment here....

I bought this drama, and in the beginning I was like... ok, i wasted money, but then... it became ADICTIVE, you really dont know whats its going to happend.


everyone in the drama received stabs or gunshots.
but the only one who died was So ran?! really?!

I think that producers where looking for someone to kill in order to make the audience cry. *I always thought that it will be Kai instead of So Ran*

even when I actually cry when she died, the act of Lee Jeong Jin was pathetic a the moment! he didnt look really hurt, i think i was crying for him, yelling this like *THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE JUST DIED, YOUR FUTURE WIFE... CRY!*

and he didnt even took her pulse! i mean... what kind of official do not take the pulse of the victims! she maybe faint instead of die.

Also, the producers didnt took the juice of her death, everything was too fast. It was maybe because the lack of time, since they use all of the time in the fucking running scenes in the firsts episodes...

The songs of the ost where released in perfect time, and... I cant stop pronuce Wong Fo like james do! LoL
xdsmile 09 Oct, 2012
I got really excited over the plot, but I couldn't even complete the 1st episode, Whats that disappointing in the first scene!!? A man on his motorbike was chased by a gang in their cars and they were shooting everywhere, but not even one bullet got him!! he wasn't wearing anything to protect him too! :/
silentscream93 05 Sep, 2012
It was amazing!
lehduff 15 Jul, 2012
Perfeito <3