ESC to close 4.09 (by 288 users)chicago tajagi 시카고 타자기
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized chicago tajagi
english Chicago Typewriter (literal)
aka sikago tajagi


genres drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 07 Apr, 2017 - 03 Jun, 2017
episodes 16
duration 80 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:00 - 21:20
status released


avg. score 4.09 of 5 by 288 users
total users 542
rating 1178
favorites 20



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Han Se Ju
Jeon Seol
Yu Jin O
Baek Tae Min
Baek Do Ha
Ma Bang Jin




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bluediamonds 08 Jan, 2018
When I saw the trailer I thought that this will actually worth it. It seemed really interesting and different (because let's be real you don't really see korean dramas showing a 1930s story).

As always though Korean screenwriters can't focus on one thing and instead they are trying to combine everything -from comedy, love, enemies, friendships, past, present etc- into one series. As a consequence, the drama ends up losing the main focus it started with. From episode 5-6 it starts getting boring, showing nothing different than the usual classic korean dramas and up until episode 13 it goes on the same way. The last three episodes leave you thinking that you wasted so much time waiting for those 3 specific episodes to finally see something worthy.

I will have to agree with @dollstar - "Yoo Ah In's character pretty much held everything together even during the slow build-up".
Yoo Ah In surprises me every time with his acting. He plays so naturally, he owns the part!

Overall, the drama was quite a disappointment.
seoltang 05 Jan, 2018
Declaro o melhor kdrama de 2017!
dollstar 24 Oct, 2017
I'm very disappointment with the drama's treatment of present-day Seol. She is very vanilla and while she is not exactly a shrinking violet and is perfectly capable to assert herself when needed, these traits get very diluted as the story progresses. And then episode 11 happens and I'm just about done.
A bloody coin toss? Seriously? Her reasoning to play noble idiot for an episode is very contrived and unconvincing, not to mention predictable from a mile away.

Overall I do think the story held so much promise and Yoo Ah In's character pretty much held everything together even during the slow build-up. There are some truly strong episodes in the middle, but somehow the drama misses the mark to become fully emotionally absorbing. Then episode 11 is just terrible and feels like I'm watching a different show. I'll continue only for the sake of completion and I hope the screenwriter can turn things around if only a little.
cleciane 30 Jul, 2017
O meu drama favorito de 2017!!!!!!!!(Até o momento)
unknown 20 Jun, 2017
It was such a good drama! But something is missing for the 5/5 it's 4/5*
poulminjae 08 Jun, 2017
I gave it 5 stars.
There were not many things I can complain about, really. Story was interesting, good reincarnation theme, amazing 1930s scenes, music was really setting the right mood. Actors were amazing. Yoo Ah In was of course main reason I started watching this drama, but Kwak Si Yang did extremely well, the lead woman role wasn't annoying (as I'm really used to annoying women in dramas, this one was really great). Also Go Gyeong Pyo was really convincing and I could feel his emotions (which I couldn't really do in his previous works). Story line was smooth and the ending was one of my favorites ever. Worth watching! Definitely!
ilate 08 Jun, 2017
My overall feelings after watching this drama are rather good. The story was very consistent and interesting. I was also glad that the past happened during Japanese occupation as I find this period one of the most interesting and inspiring in the Korean history. And it probably had one of the best kisses in Korean dramas!
At the beginning, I was afraid Yoo Ah In wouldn't succeed in differentiating this role from his previous ones (I think he usually has a problem with that, especially in historical dramas) but I was very wrong. He managed to make this role his own.
Even though I found myself bored few times, I'm glad I completed this drama and I think it is worth watching.
reonsoru 08 Jun, 2017
This shall be one of my favourite Korean dramas of all times. Like he type of drama I would show someone who hasn't seen anything Korean ever. No unnecessary angst, a refreshing new plot idea and lovely characters. The love line is super cute and I love the friendship between the three, also how it never turns into a love triangle thing. Also nice to see that main characters can also be level headed and not always seek revenge, but are able to forgive and let things from he past rest. The final scene was also extremely well made, so many good dramas that get ruined with a badly scripted final episode but Chicago Typewriter did everything perfectly! The only thing that was low-key annoying was the extremely obvious product placements (phones, dog food, coffee and coffee shops and mix coffee) xD