ESC to close 3.72 (by 788 users)elfenlied
  • 2004
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized elfenlied
aka elfen lied, erufenriito

Based On

based on manga
title elfenlied
author Okamoto Rin (岡本倫)


genres action, drama, horror, suspense, sci fi


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network AT-X (Anime Theater X)
by Arms (アームス)


date 25 Jul, 2004 - 17 Oct, 2004
episodes 13
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 22:30 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.72 of 5 by 788 users
total users 1156
rating 2929
favorites 53


2005 video jp
side story


Diclonii are humanoid clones of the human race, in appearence almost identical apart from a set of two small horns on the head, and in function completely different, possessing powers overwhelming that of a normal human being. One such diclonius, named Lucy, escapes her lab and leashes her deadly might upon the world. In her quest to find herself she will land at the house of Koota, a teenager who moved in into one of his families' properties for the sake of studying in the city. Together with Yuka, Koota's cousin, the trio will experience what it means to be alive, for the good and the bad.






director, storyboard creator
key animator
original creator


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10 Oct, 2010
The two tell the story of a girl who is picked up by a male character. She learns from him about the world and life, as she has lost her memory. However, her past reveals and she finds about her hidden powers.


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tamayatz 05 Mar, 2017
I just watched the Netflix original series "Stranger Things" and that Eleven girl felt like a copy of Lucy! I felt in a way I was watching Elfen Lied again.
majorzero 12 Aug, 2012
@Random chan I honestly recommend you to read Neil Gaiman's work called Sandman instead of Elfen Lied. Most wonderful and insane comic book I ever read, but problem is, well, it's kinda old. Also, I think Enki Bilal and his Nikopol trilogy is very good choice, but again, it's old.
Random chan 12 Aug, 2012
@majorzero lol, well, not blaming you :P Urasawa is an awesome person indeed. He did many many awesome works. I actually like asian comics (including manga, manhwa and the chinese name for comics I always forget x.x) better, but it's mostly because I'm picky anyway :P so I read only the good stuff lol. I have to look at Elfen Lied the manga... hopefully it'll be better. Dk though, I don't feel like reading it really XD. It's like the OVA or angel sanctuary :P after which you don't really feel like reading the manga anyway.
majorzero 12 Aug, 2012
@Random chan People say manga is a little bit different from anime and anime covers just half or even less chapters of manga, but, to tell the truth I never liked manga as american or european comic books, except Urasawa Naoki. Probably I must be ashamed, lol.
Random chan 12 Aug, 2012
@majorzero Totally agree =\ weak characters are one of the biggest turn-off for me. I mean, the idea of this animation is quite ok, but it is just... dk, it is extremely weak and poorly made. I am not familiar with the mange, to tell the truth, so I can't judge it very well... but the series for itself doesn't really stand out. It's a shame that such a good OST is wasted on something so average =\
majorzero 12 Aug, 2012
@Random chan well, I'm not guy who can't stand blood and gore or graphic violence, but it's just weak in terms of narrative and character development and this is big problem for seinen anime.
Random chan 12 Aug, 2012
@majorzero kind of agree with you. But I liked the OST :P that's the only reason why this animation should actually still be considered watchable.
majorzero 02 Jun, 2012
Meh, just another average anime for young adults who think that they are too smart to watch popular shounens like Naruto or Bleach i.e. same thing as Gantz, Blame etc. But, still best Arms work besides hentai.