ESC to close 3.07 (by 149 users)jachebalgwang office 자체발광 오피스
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized jachebalgwang office
english Radiant Office
literal Self Radiation Office
aka jachebalgwang opiseu


genres comedy, drama, romance, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 15 Mar, 2017 - 04 May, 2017
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.07 of 5 by 149 users
total users 268
rating 458



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Seo U Jin
Eun Ho Won
Do Gi Taek
Seo Hyeon
Jang Gang Ho
Jo Seok Gyeong




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17 May, 2017
Radiant Office is average in many ways; it's your typical romantic comedy workplace show. And yet, it manages to be fairly entertaining while tackling some tough issues.

Radiant Office follows a down on her luck heroine who runs into a smart, competent and cold hero. Naturally they end up working in the same office with him as the boss and her as the bumbling newcomer. Fairly cliche. But Ha Seok Jin and Go A Seong manage to take their characters and build them into unique and entertaining people. It takes a few episodes to find it's pace and character quirks but once they do it's an entertaining watch. Seok Jin is the easier to relate to hero once he starts loosening up while Ho Won starts off fairly infuriating (in any other world, she would have been fired eons ago and have been a nightmare to work with) before settling out. The rest of the cast also is somewhat cliche in their workplace roles but the main temporary worker trio help elevate the plot with their adorable friendship.

The strength is how the show isn't afraid to tackle real-life issues about the workplace such as the unfair treatment of women and contract employees. In some ways it's a bit heavy handed but the willingness to point out these flaws and openly address them is refreshing while also adding depth to the characters and plot. There's the usual power struggle but it's also filled the smaller struggles the workers face beyond the big projects.

A more standard show that's great for dry spells. Nothing special but a fun watch regardless.
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neo9000 04 Feb, 2018
Agreed. Okay, not more.
kirtil 18 Jan, 2018
Apart from extremely abrupt ending, it was ok.
just.. ok.
samanthawoo 20 May, 2017
Overall it was a very good drama, but I felt like
Gi Taek's story was rushed and not clear at the end
ilate 06 May, 2017
@kirtil Already watched it! Loved him in there, and that's why I'm yearning for more! :)
kirtil 06 May, 2017
@ilate seeing you like HSJ as main in romance dramas and if you haven't watched it yet; check 1% of anything. He is great in there.
ilate 06 May, 2017
So the drama was good, but it felt like a worse version of 'Misaeng'.
Eun Ho Won was very relatable. She was poor (like poor poor, not like the K-drama kind of poor who can afford the latest smartphone), she wasn't successful, and just generally lost. I think most of adults found themselves in a bad situation at least once and they couldn't do anything about it without help of other, more successful people (such as difficulties in finding a job, not being able to get a promotion, or being totally dependable on others).
I have to admit that somewhere in the middle, I grew tired of Eun Ho Won trying to lecture everyone and change their ways of living. I understand that that's the purpose of those kind of dramas, but I wish it was more diverse (meaning, that every character shared their point of views). Also, I found the romance part very unnecessary. I was glad they didn't put too much attention to it in the beginning of the drama, but by the end the romance felt very forced and more like a teacher-student relationship than a romantic relationship.

P.S. I can't wait to see Ha Seok Jin in more romance dramas, he is amazing as a male lead!
shayaqus 05 May, 2017
great drama, interesting fun
(but come on! that part about her "serious illness" was really stupid..)
maria16 30 Mar, 2017
Really like this drama, Go Ah Sung, she's awesome !!