ESC to close 3.57 (by 3702 users)full house 풀하우스
  • 2004
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized full house

Based On

based on manhwa
title full house (풀하우스)
author Won Su Yeon (원수연)


genres comedy, drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 14 Jul, 2004 - 02 Sep, 2004
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:50 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.57 of 5 by 3702 users
total users 5096
rating 13204
favorites 339


ngoi nha hanh phuc
2009 TV vt
full house: take 2
2012 TV jp kr
wunnak raktemban
2014 TV th


Han Ji Eun is terribly naive. So terribly naive, in fact, that she has just been swindled out of her money and possessions -- including her beloved house -- by her best friends. Stuck in China after following their advice to take a trip, Ji Eun manages to get home by pestering a famous movie star she met on the plane there for help. The actor, Lee Yeong Jae, is anything but generous, but helps her out of guilt when she tells a few well placed lies. When Ji Eun finally does get home, she discovers what her friends have done, which includes having sold her house to none other than Lee Yeong Jae. Ji Eun refuses to leave the house her father built, but Yeong Jae doesn't plan on letting her stay. However, when he uses her to avoid an uncomfortable situation with the woman he's in love with, he's forced to tell the rabid press they're engaged, and they sign a contract to pose as a real married couple.


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Lee Yeong Jae
Han Ji Eun
Gang Hye Won
Agency Representative
Yu Min Hyeok
Lee Yeong Jae's Grandmother


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27 May, 2013
Full House is one of those dramas where probably 99% of Asian drama watchers will have watched or know of. There are some mixed reviews. Some praise the drama so much it's sickening. Some don't praise it as much which I understand.

Full House is about a woman who is a

amateur screenwriter. She gets swindled by her two best friends and loses her house (God knows why they stayed friends, I would have dumped them or took legal action) She comes across a Hallyu star who so happens to buy her house. They agree on a marriage contract and fall in love.

One reason why Full House didn't get a bad rating from me was because it was funny but I wouldn't say hilarious. It had it's moments but some times it was too silly I had to look away. I was really anticipating for the romance but when it actually happened I was disappointed. They had no chemistry whats so ever (in my eyes). I found them dull, boring, plain, tiring.....Even when they had problems I couldn't get excited. They even made the sad scenes boring, what! Sad scenes to me are really exciting and for some dramas I find them to really make a fantastic drama. However Full House made the sad scenes bad. Everything was bad. This is one OVERRATED DRAMA!
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In both dramas, the main couple are forced to live together, which leads them to fall in love with each other. Furthermore, in both series, the female lead works for the male lead.

24 Aug, 2013
In both, the main characters hate each other from the very beginning, but they have to live together. The guy is in love with the girl, but she acts like he is her pet.


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cleciane 15 Sep, 2018
Péssimo dorama!
yamapixluver43735 26 Feb, 2018
super good!!! so cute too!~ ^^
frannam 02 Dec, 2016
Só serviu para eu passar RAIVA! Nunca entenderei o sucesso desse drama!
mrsbrightside 14 Apr, 2016
Pior drama que eu já assisti, só terminei mesmo pela Song Hye Kyo.
hiroyuki 26 Mar, 2016
This drama was one of the first korean dramas I've watched back then (in 2006 or 2007...) and really-really liked it. Great drama. :)
Rain singing that bear song was on my phone for a really long time. That was so funny! :D
tomoesama 13 Oct, 2014
It was the very first drama that I ever watched and I still haven't finished it... Maybe I should start watching it from the beginning again...
fabyanna 12 Oct, 2013
Amei,lindo,fofo,tudo de bom que um drama precisa.
vanelya10 18 Jul, 2013
coming here after watching Take 2
but still this brings back lots of memories
just thinking the way they acted and the locations and the PHONES they used in those years and now just can't believe how time has passed...but still its a great drama

how can i say :\ of those 'must see in life\once' drama...that type ^_^