ESC to close 3.48 (by 128 users)churiui yeowang 추리의 여왕
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized churiui yeowang
english Mystery Queen
aka queen of mystery


genres comedy, crime, mystery


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 05 Apr, 2017 - 25 May, 2017
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.48 of 5 by 128 users
total users 271
rating 446


churiui yeowang season 2
2018 TV kr


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Yu Seol Ok
Ha Wan Seung
Hong Jun O
Kim Gyeong Mi
Jang Do Jang
Bae Gwang Tae




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26 Oct, 2017
Mystery Queen is an absolute gem of 2017. I would call this series Ajumma as this is a story about a woman in her 30s that is greedy for taking part in detective investigations. And a middle aged police officer who always stands on her way.

The plot consists of several detective cases and deal with murder, serial killers, robbery, kidnapping. On the one hand it seems like it is a typical detective story where you solve one case after the another. On the other hand, this cases happen almost in the same area, they are connected with main leads lives and help to see them as real people as we can relate to them. And this is the charm of this series that will be continued next year.

Main leads are lovely portrayed by Choe Gang Hui and Gwon Sang U. Though I liked Choe Gang Hui’s acting in Heart to Heart I still doubted whether to watch Mystery Queen. But it turned out that her acting is quite diverse and she could portray a strong woman. Male lead is perfect though it seems I have seen him for the first time.

And of course I cannot help mentioning supporting characters - Gyeong Mi, Park Gyeong Suk, Bae Gwang Tae and lovely Hong Jun O. In my view, if you remember not only the main chracters but also the supporting, it means the story and all characters are well written and put in the series for a reason. And it makes the story complete.
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01 Jun, 2017
Mystery Queen is a unique twist on the Sherlock premise.

Here Sherlock is a married housewife with a knack for investigation (and like her inspiration great at seeing missed clues and piecing together what actually happened) while Watson is a hardened detective who slowly gets won over. And while it's a very loose adaptation, there's something heartwarming about seeing these vastly different personalities interact; they bicker like siblings but still manage to maintain respect for each other and watching as they become partners is a hoot. It takes a bit of time to settle down, but overall the show is a fun watch with a great supporting cast.

The plot is fairly tightly woven, with hints of upcoming cases scattered throughout earlier episodes. But the heart of the show are the characters not the mysteries.
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sweetache 15 Apr, 2018
love so much ♥
ilate 26 Jun, 2017
This drama is one of the hidden gems of 2017. It was really good, but it wasn't the plot that caught my attention, it were all the characters who were well-written, diverse, and likeable. I saw a lot of people tuning in because of Lee Won Geun, and I acknowledge his great talent, but really it was (again) Kwon Sang Woo who was the highlight of this drama. He has never disappointed me and this drama is no exception. I would even admit I was surprised how fast he made this role his own.
But the ending made me hoping for a second season, and they'd better be working on it, because I need more!
aonomirai 30 May, 2017
I rather enjoyed this one! I don't really care for crime shows, and the cases were mediocre to interesting, but the humor was top notch and the characters very likable - not the usual stereotypical characters I expect when I start watching a kdrama. The ending was quite ambiguous and didn't tie up all the loose ends, but it could be the perfect jumping-off point for a possible season 2 - I don't think it's likely to happen, but I'd sure watch another season for Detective Ha's and Seol Ok's banter, and I'd love to know more about
Hyun Soo and why people wanted her dead so badly
stehcamine 30 May, 2017
Amei o drama! Não fica na mesmice de um só crime, e o pouco de romance que tem é gostosinho. <3
tenshitoakuma 27 May, 2017
Ok so I am still not sure what happened in the end >.< Anyone care to explain? haha
stehcamine 10 Apr, 2017
Estou gostando bastante! Me dá uma vibe de "Twenty Again", e não está carregado. Gosto da atriz por Heart to Heart, o WonGeun é uma gracinha e o prota ahjussi... ah, estou apaixonada. HAHAHAHA♥
stehcamine 10 Apr, 2017
Estou gostando bastante! Me dá uma vibe de "Twenty Again", e não está carregado. Gosto da atriz por Heart to Heart, o WonGeun é uma gracinha e o prota ahjussi... ah, estou apaixonada. HAHAHAHA♥
sillysym 09 Apr, 2017
i wanted to watch it for Lee Won Geun, but with that main actress...i'll pass. Sorry.