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  • 2005
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized mushishi
literal Bugmaster

Based On

based on manga
title mushishi
author Urushibara Yuki (漆原友紀)


genres mystery, supernatural, fantasy, adventure


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)
by Artland (アートランド)


date 23 Oct, 2005 - 19 Jun, 2006
episodes 26
duration 30 minutes
air day Sunday
at 03:50 - 04:20
status released


avg. score 4.34 of 5 by 198 users
total users 422
rating 860
favorites 24


2007 film jp
same setting
mushishi tokubetsu hen: hihamu kage
2014 TV jp
side story
mushishi zokushou
2014 TV jp


Ginko is a traveller in a magic world full of creatures known as 'mushi', or insects. But those are insects of a different kind than we know: they merge with the deep flow of creation like ocean waves in the sea, and live in dimensions past us. Ginko travels a semimedieval Japan, helping people understand mushi.


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director, storyboard creator
key animator
storyboard creator
animation director
director, storyboard creator


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19 May, 2014
Both series deal with supernatural creatures that can't be seen by everyone. They also share a similar, calm atmosphere, and in almost every episode there's a new story.


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addy1884 19 Mar, 2015
i really wanted to like it but i could get into it, i was bored =(
i think ill will be bored for along time after watching weeks of natsume <3 nonstop <3
Random chan 24 Aug, 2014
@mikazuki "there's no high-pitched moe girls" < this.
mikazuki 22 Jul, 2014
i love it. i haven't even watched a half of it but i really like it, even though the episodes are very similar to each other. i realized one of the reasons i enjoy it so much is the voice acting, there's no high-pitched moe girls; the children (and adults) sound more realistic than in most animes. also ginko is a very interesting character, i only wish there was more adashino.
Random chan 27 Sep, 2013
In my opinion the characters looked totally different from one another and the art comes from the manga anyway, so animators have nothing to do with it. I really liked the style and the animation was beautiful in my eyes.
forestmaiden71 16 Oct, 2012
I really enjoyed this anime. Perhaps because I would watch 3-4 episodes at a time. But I really liked how we learned about Ginko and all of his travels. My one complaint is that all of the characters look exactly the same. Again, I may have just been more aware of this because I watched them all so close together- but they seriously reused all minor character looks. Young girl in episode 1 looked like young girl in episode 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, etc. I'm sure this was easier for the animators, but it was kinda odd to watch.
hideki 01 Sep, 2011
@d0npian0, for me, the episodes were too disconnected for me to bond with any plotline, so if anything I missed the general feeling of it which every episode delivered. And the world, especially the world... I don't think I know many or any other pieces of art playing in such a unique and true world.

To be honest, I often think about how I'd want more of it. But I've sort of come to terms with it, sometimes too little is also, how to say... something special.
d0npian0 01 Sep, 2011
@hideki, I never read the manga (I definitely plan to though) but the anime felt pretty incomplete, so more episodes would have made sense. :/ But yeah, I suppose that's it. I guess all we can do is accept it and be happy that there were any episodes at all.
hideki 01 Sep, 2011
@d0npian0, in fact, I was really hoping for another 'season' since it only covers up to a half of the manga. But oh well. Good stuff never gets enough attention (or well, money) to be produced.