ESC to close 4.06 (by 1033 users)nodame cantabile: saishuugakushou kouhen
  • 2010
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized nodame cantabile: saishuugakushou kouhen
english Nodame Cantabile The Movie II
aka nodame kantaabire: saishuugakushou kouhen

Based On

based on manga
title nodame cantabile
author Ninomiya Tomoko (二ノ宮知子)


genres comedy, romance, music


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 17 Apr, 2010
duration 123 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.06 of 5 by 1033 users
total users 1798
rating 4193
favorites 29


nodame cantabile: saishuugakushou zenpen
2009 film jp


Nodame starts to work harder than ever to match with her boyfriend's level. Her biggest dream is to perform together with him on stage, but then the famous pianist Rui appears and everything seems to change for the worse, particularly Nodame's relationship with Chiaki. Per chance, depressed Nodame meets Streseman, who, when he sees her so down, decides to help her.


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Noda Megumi
Chiaki Shinichi
Mine Ryuutarou
Miki Kiyora
Okuyama Masumi
Frank Lantoine


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miyamiya 19 Sep, 2011
I expected much more than that :(
kurumi 29 Aug, 2011
Sweet Farewell.
I'll really miss them<3
kiyoshi 10 Aug, 2011
The drama was better but this movie was ok. Nodame is just a perfect character.
bakaichi 08 Jun, 2011
I'll miss Nodame and Chiaki <3
genosan 08 Mar, 2011
The second movie was certainly much better than the first. The comedy aspects were better placed and used sparingly so it had a much better impact. The characters of course were as good as always and I thought Nodame was great in this one. I understand its character progression but I wish Chiaki still retained some of that original arrogance which made him awesome in the original series.

The plot was much more exciting in this one because something actually happened unlike the first movie where it seemed to be nothing but a build up to this movie. I liked how they managed to eclipse the supporting characters successfully without trying to awkwardly implement them in the most important areas which they haven't managed to do especially in the previous movie. They also managed to "hide" them away during the more serious scenes which worked well.

The only real complaint is the fact that they teased something between a few of the supporting characters and yet never even mentioned it again which was a massive anti-climax and the same with Viera and Chiaki which I felt they should have revisited because just ignoring it made no sense considering they were so close geographically this time. Overall it was a much better piece than both the special and the first movie but I would still choose the original series over them all. 4/5
risingsun 31 Jan, 2011
It was cute as much as drama is. Well, obviously, since it's just continuation. But I don't know, I just prefer drama. Anyway, fun to watch.
cathvalentine 21 Jan, 2011
It was better than the first movie. The story was pretty much the same as the manga. Tamaki and Ueno were great together as usual. But as a Nodame fan I think the ending should be better. Both Chiaki and Nodame deserved much more and I'm not talking about the movie but the serie as a whole. After watching the movie I can't shake the feeling that in the end Nodame was the best character and Chiaki was really lucky to have someone like her by his side.
daredaniel 17 Jan, 2011
Is this...the end? Gyabo :-(