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  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized death note
aka desu nooto

Based On

based on manga
title death note
author Ooba Tsugumi (大場つぐみ), Obata Takeshi (小畑健)


genres drama, suspense, supernatural, psycholog.


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)
by Madhouse (マッドハウス)


date 04 Oct, 2006 - 27 Jun, 2007
episodes 37
duration 30 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 00:56 - 01:26
status released


avg. score 4.34 of 5 by 1925 users
total users 2605
rating 8361
favorites 377


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Finding a mysterious notebook marked by the title 'Death Note', Light takes it to himself and soon realises that every name written in it will bring death to its owner. However, it makes him happy to hold such power, and so, he decides to kill all criminals and bad people in order to make the world better. But the world has divided thoughts about it and a special detective is called into the case. Now, Light which takes to himself the name 'Kira', and 'L', the mysterious detective, will fight between each other in order to win.






director, storyboard creator
original creator


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24 Oct, 2012
Both center around a male protagonist who has supernatural ability that can kill other people and uses it to eliminate criminals and other bad people from society.

17 May, 2012
The two have a similar dark and suspenseful atmosphere and deal with items that allow their user to obtain incredible godly powers.


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Random chan 17 Apr, 2015
read chapter 0 of the manga. You will start disliking death note just like I do x_X. I honestly thought L's death was ok and fair and I really liked how he fell from his glory but I kinda felt like they couldn't do the same for light so they just killed him fast with 2 people who weren't even on the same level as L... so yeah, I wasn't really satisfied :(. For me it was like they just tried to get rid of him to end the plot XD
goguma 17 Apr, 2015
@Random chan
I'm quite late with my reply but nevermind...Yes, I could agree with you...By ""being content with the ending" I meant that I'm on L's side and I'm glad Light died (and the manner in which he died was very suitable I think) but the show after L's death becomes worse and I'm never gonna like M or N too...they could never be as good as L (though it's said that together they should have been on equal level with him...well, no) and they never really convinced me of being the symbols of justice...coz' they just weren't :D but still I really liked L's death too and you explained well why it's so yeah. And the idiotic rule you talked about...really? Where was it mentioned?
Random chan 26 Feb, 2015
lolol great ending I support :P XDDD
zaharisa 26 Feb, 2015
@Random chan
Oh. You have quite a point there. Sorry for the long post before.
Really? That do sound quite idiotic for me too.
Then why not- just scrub L's name from it? So easy then- or will he then turn into a zombie? XD
That's seriously stupid. Yes.

EDIT: Then I have another alternative ending- someone just deletes all names from the DN and burns it- everyone cames back to life and live as nothing happened- except for Kira, whom is kept in a hightly guarded psychiatric facility. Probably the Shinigami could die too.. or.. find/make another DN for himself?
You are right- it completely ruins the plot as it makes that alternative ending actually possible.
Random chan 26 Feb, 2015
I think the reason I liked L's death was because he always had his guard up and finally Kira was able to break it and it was L's death. It was very emotional. Very fair and cruel :o. It's more realistic, tbh. Mostly, the bad people are the ones who win. I hate unrealistic endings :P. And I can understand why Light thought he was a God after killing L.

But you reminded me another thing I hate about DN. Did you know that if you remove a name from a death note, the person comes back to life? ;) that's the most idiotic thing ever. Yay for stupid manga :D -- ruins the entire DN plot for me.
zaharisa 26 Feb, 2015
@Random chan
Maybe I am mixing anime and Live action. I believe in to the live action they changed it so that he was the one who gathered the info or something.
Or it may have been that I twisted it to my own version of it. /I must chech them again to be sure./
For me the death of him was hearthbreaking.

Edit: Light getting beaten up by the two kids was unbelievable..., but I was also that annoyed by L's death. Also Light's turning into an absolute psycho was also a bit disapponting. His believes were cruel, but kind of logical.. until he crossed the line and started believng he was God himself. I finded it hard to not believe in what he though.. I was quite swayed by him, but the one.. the really good one was L. After Light crossed the line and started hurting innocent people and even his own father I was sure that he had to be stopped no matter what- after all- he wasn't one, who was stopping. But the N and the other one- they really wasn't smart enough to be his opponent.
Light betrayed my expectations of him in all ways- first when he started killing at all. Because for me he was a decent kid. After that I found his logic into the killings and kind of approved it. Then he twisted himself again into a psychotic monster who kills just anybody who stands in his way. I was trully disapponted by the development of his character.
The alternate version of the end of the series would have led to the end of the world we know it and the Light's ultimate regime. So he had to be stopped. I also sincerelly wished for it. But L should have been the one to do it. Because he was his true opposite and he was his true match.
I couldn't believe in L's death, because in it- he looked up to be too naive. And L wasn't a one. He was just a very decent character. If he was a living person- I would have deeply respected him.
Light on the other hand- I understand well- he is my inner badness. I have his thoughts. Sometimes I hope that someone will get into our parliament and delete our politicions. /Just write their names into the note as Light did or something./ But he was smart. He shouldn't have been defeated by just two kids.. I agree. Although he deserved a death more than anyone else. I wished for his death. Especially after he hurt these decent people- L and his father. The psychotic side of Light had no sense for me at all, but after he turned in that way- it made some sense that he would only get tripped up by himself.

Edit 2: L shouldn't have died- he should have been the one to win.
It just has to be this way. The moral ones, the decent ones should be the ones who win. Otherwise- the world would be in a terror.
But actually- Death note had a logical end for our world. The horror world would have been for Light's win /and after it/. The decent one would have been for L's. And maybe just too decent if always the moral is the ones who wins.
None of them won, because.. we live in a one that have both- lights and shadows. It made more sense that way.

It also helped the revengeful spirits to settle down. The screenwritter is deffinetly a good poker-player. XD
Random chan 26 Feb, 2015
I thought it was awesome that L died. No hard feelings about that, only about the fact that they replaced L with random people who did nothing. And in the series it's clearly said that it's not L who gathered any info but N who magically turned the whole situation around because he was obviously awesome and smart like that and because he wanted to have revenge on Kira :o.
zaharisa 26 Feb, 2015
@Random chan & @gogoma
I also couldn't easily get over that fact and had the show dropped for a few years. He was my fovourite hero. Then a friend told me the rumor she heard.. you see- it was supposed for L to die. The writter did that withouth any regret, but then- he was overwellmed by the angry fans and he just had to write the other two guys so that somehow he is revenged or something. /Since I heard that I am getting my revenge- I forced myself to complete it, because I wanted to see it./
Since it was just a rumor I can't be sure. But I guess that could have been it.
It gives me some comfort to think that the information L gathered destroyed Light. That way I could think that even though he died- in the end- he was the winner.