ESC to close 4.34 (by 1921 users)death note
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized death note
aka desu nooto

Based On

based on manga
title death note
author Ooba Tsugumi (大場つぐみ), Obata Takeshi (小畑健)


genres drama, suspense, supernatural, psycholog.


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)
by Madhouse (マッドハウス)


date 04 Oct, 2006 - 27 Jun, 2007
episodes 37
duration 30 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 00:56 - 01:26
status released


avg. score 4.34 of 5 by 1921 users
total users 2600
rating 8340
favorites 377


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Finding a mysterious notebook marked by the title 'Death Note', Light takes it to himself and soon realises that every name written in it will bring death to its owner. However, it makes him happy to hold such power, and so, he decides to kill all criminals and bad people in order to make the world better. But the world has divided thoughts about it and a special detective is called into the case. Now, Light which takes to himself the name 'Kira', and 'L', the mysterious detective, will fight between each other in order to win.






director, storyboard creator
original creator


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Each has a male protagonist, both of which are very similar to each other. They are both very, very clever, using all kinds of techniques to trick others to achieve their goal. Their personalities are very much alike too. Sometimes you'd even think they are closer to being the villain than the hero...

10 Oct, 2010
They both have a supernatural power that gives the humans a way to manipulate life on different surfaces. The human life isn't worthy enough and is being a 'game' of the supernatural power who watches and enjoys what the humans do inside the situation they were put into.


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Random chan 26 Feb, 2015
I watched it until the end and I still think the end is junk. I don't get why they killed L and made this nonsense deus ex machina ending to make the bad dude lose to the good guys. And Light was a smart person and he was defeated by random kids who did something so stupid to catch him that I couldn't even. I'm still filled with rage since 2007 over it. I will never get over it XDD.
goguma 21 Aug, 2014
well I dropped this about 5 years ago because I couldn't get over the fact that
L died. It just seemed like a nonsense to me, I didn't understand how they could do soon...and I wasn't too fond of Mello and Near and the atmosphere of the show overall changes for the second part - so I guess it was all this that made me drop it
but i decided to rewatch it again coz' I thought it was a shame not to know how the story would turn out and the concept together with the characters is really unique, still after all this time. I like the characters very much, the ambivalent relationship of Light and L. And I think I'm content with the ending. On top of everything it has a good soundtrack too.
sunbehindtheribs 16 Mar, 2014
completed. sad. no.
limenora 24 Feb, 2014
L is one of the greatest anime/manga character ever. He is unique, strong, misterious, clever and fair.
I got Light's point too, but he went overboard. He was so conceited, he tought he is some kind of God. Anyway, I liked how they built up his character, and the relationship between "Kira and L" and "Light and Ryuzaki".
The first half of the anime is AWESOME. Than, after a plot twist it went downhill a littlebit, but still great. I liked the ending...
Because I think Light until his death, looked up and hated L at the same time. He was the last one Light saw. They were friends AND enemies. I think L's death was a mistake, but I got the point why they killed him. Light and L's mentality balanced each other, they were so similar and so different at the same time. It would've been great if they went together on this road to the end.
9miho 08 Oct, 2013
Still my favourite
janegreen 25 Jul, 2013
I watched it several times (which makes it the 2nd anime ive ever watched more than once) and every time it gives me the same excitement.
I never really liked L, so the fact that he
made me only happier that Light was the top. But then, the whole thing just turns around and its like a complete different person made the second half of the story. Still, its much of fun to look at adult Light, but i didnt like the idea of N. But i guess it takes much more to spoil the whole story tho.
I just loved the way Light manipulated everyone and how he would use everyone to his advantage. It takes a true genius.
The last episode always makes me cry...
refalaldealij 23 Jun, 2013
was the best anime ever! u must see it if u didn't <33
greyhippo 21 Jun, 2013
So sadly L died... However they earned some points for killing Light. I liked Light in the beginning but than he boarded the crazy train and never got off. I was really sad that it was L that killed him or actually caught him. I understand why they did kill him because it was a game changer but it wasn't perfect without him.

Was it originally and really good yup. I'd consider it .5 away from masterpiece. It was nice, intense, and I always looked forward for more but it just wasn't perfect.