ESC to close 3.89 (by 491 users)caingwa abel 카인과 아벨
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized caingwa abel
english Cain And Abel (literal)
aka cain & abel, dr. stop


genres action, drama, family, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 18 Feb, 2009 - 23 Apr, 2009
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.89 of 5 by 491 users
total users 1011
rating 1910
favorites 49



Seon U blames his brother, a gifted doctor, for getting all their father's attention and for stealing the woman he loves. Can Seon U reconcile with his brother or will his hate and envy get the best of him?


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Kim Seo Yeon
Lee Seon U
Lee Cho In
O Yeong Ji
Choe Chi Su
Jeong Yeong Gyu


singer, composer



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dodi1d 27 Jan, 2014
The story is so sad, So Ji Seop was amazing, really great drama! all the main roles did a wonderful job!
somiboo 02 Dec, 2013
Interesting storyline, but it drags and is pretty repetitive. So Ji Seop did a really good job, Sin Hyeon Jun did okay but I wasn't too impressed with his "villain" body language - at times he really tried too hard to pull of the "this is the way a villain would look and talk" bit, there were more than a few times though where he did shine. Han Ji Min's character was super annoying in the beginning, then became just annoying, and then almost irrelevant and mildly irritating regardless of her role; her acting...well I guess it was okay because I don't want to confuse her acting skills with that of her character (I really loved the way she maintained the North Korean accent). Han Da Min had perhaps the most pointless character, at first she was always around and then bap...she disappeared.

Baek Seung Hyeon pretty darn good in his role. I hated his character's voice (but that in itself shows how remarkable he is at acting since the voice is unique to the character). I loved how he was just mental and unstable and unstoppable.

I'm happy that I was introduced to this drama and am super glad that I stuck it out, however, its not something that I would want to watch again.
sami00 01 Sep, 2013
This drama was good. Even though the middle part between episodes 6-14 was annoying sometimes I enjoyed this drama. Shin Hyun Joon and So Ju Seob, two great actors in one drama! Amazing.
carolhiis 14 Jul, 2013
Poutz, realmente amei tudo *-*
almamartinez 28 Feb, 2013
I extremely enjoyed this drama, but of course with some less expected scenes that don't really make sense, maybe due to time constraints, the writers just throw in some dialogues in order to buy some time.. I rally loved So Ji Seop's acting, fell in love with him knowing him for the first time!! His acting is simple, yet his eyes speak when he is in silence...I have always loved Han Ji Min from "Can you Hear my heart" and her acting is always at its best!! Although a lot of cliches, but this time, this story is different ..the ost would have been better produced because I did not fall inlove in any of them unlike with Winter sonata that every bit is just getting deep in me...but over all it is one drama I will always remember!
ahmadz 05 Apr, 2012
What the matter with this guy , most of his dramas are 20 episodes !!.
alexadm81 13 Feb, 2012
Amazing drama, great acting, well writen plot!!!
australasian 01 Nov, 2011
I like this drama alot, even though the whole memory loss thing is a little cliche lol. So Ji Sup is an incredibly talented actor for an idol!